Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Love That Chicken!

Carol started today like all of her Mom-Fri mornings…..she went line dancing.  I got the big rig ready to roll, the mobile, the shed and the barn all locked up and ready for our departure.

I found some pictures from Sunday of a little flea market we went to.DSCN1353They even had donkeys and all those other real farm animals all over the place.DSCN1354

I didn’t see it but would have tried it.DSCN1355

Carol gets back from line dancing and we are just about to pull out when the steps wouldn’t cone in.  Dog on it.  Plus it’s humid out.  We paid to have this fixed last year and it broke a couple of months after that.  La Mesa Tucson did a real amateur repair as I later found out. Anyhow, I took the door thing apart, temporary repaired it like they did and we are on our way a 1/2 hour later.

We got to Thousand Trails Conroe and got right into a 50 AMP, FHU site with no problem.DSCN1357

Now it’s time for us to go back to Livingston and drop me off at the camper.  We saw this exhaust pipe.  Yep we’re in Texas where things are big.DSCN1361

Just before we get back to the lot we stopped at Popeye's for me to pick up my 8 piece spicy chicken to snack on.

We get back to the lot and Carol drops me off.   She leaves and heads back to the big RV in Conroe.  She will be attending a Line Dancing rally while there.  Who would have guessed.

Now I have three motorcycles loaded up and no car other than the camper hooked up to the trailer. 

I sat down to a meal of Popeye’s chicken all by myself in front of the TV.  I ate it all, yes I did and enjoyed every leg and thigh in the box.  It was so good.  That’s it probably until next year.DSCN1362 

Tomorrow Mark & I head out for Blanco State Park.  Then Friday we end up in Luckenbach for the antique motorcycle show.

Retirement is like eating fried chicken, it’s so good.

See ya…..