Saturday, October 22, 2016

Luckenbach continues

It’s really Tuesday morning so I will have to go back in time to get caught up

Saturday – the fun continues.  Here’s we’re we boone dock.  Boone dock like on dirt and nothing nearby - nothing.  Well, maybe a 30 minute bike ride.  No thanks.  When we got here nobody was around but that changed even more than you can see here.  It was still great.DSCN1416

It was bike show/contest time.  Mark entered his 1983 BMW and me my 1981 Honda 110 Trail.  By there standards we were pretty new.  Most bikes were pre 1970 and even got a few in the 1907 era.  Most were in the 50’s and 60’s.  No Harleys!  We didn’t when but it was fun at least saying we entered.  Here are some bikes….DSCN1417DSCN1420


Tenting area – just bikes and tents.DSCN1427

This orange thing caught my eye.DSCN1429

They had a maneuver concourse for all ages.  It was a very slow type test of  balance.  I think they had 7 seven courses.DSCN1434

People gathered for the drawing of a 305 Honda Dream.  We didn’t win.DSCN1439

No thanks in this thing.  They rode a bike around and around in this.  Then two bikes at the same time.   DSCN1441DSCN1446

Then they did it night.  OMG!DSCN1452

There were about 20-30 different types of side cars.DSCN1450

Then the free meal for over 2,000 people.  It was quick and dam good brisket.  It was very very very tender and juicy.  Real Good.DSCN1451

I finally went to bed about 11:30 PM.  and no Very little noise and no routies.

Sunday – we were on our way at 9 AM with 275 miles of Texas back roads.  About half way Mark’s RV starting blowing white smoke and a lot of it.  He went to the side of the road.  It ended up he blew a transmission line.  No problem for Mark.  He fixed it and had two bottles of fluid to get him home.  On the way home we had an idiot in a brand new looking red Cadillac pass us on the shoulder.  We’re doing 55-60 mph.  Well, he passed Mark.  Mark told on the  CB what he had done to him.  He came up on me, still on the shoulder, and I wiggled the trailer.  Then I wiggled it every time he got within a few feet of passing me (him on the shoulder).  I think he got the hint!  Oh well, everyday you see idiots on the road.  This was a rare one.

We get back to Livingston and all is well.  That night Mark & I had a campfire for the Oktoberfest people.  Oktoberfest starts tomorrow.  We had a nice little turnout and a lot of stories.  We let them tell there's.

Retirement you make more decisions and don’t get paid for any good ones.

See ya…