Thursday, October 13, 2016

What Time Is It Kids?

No it’s not Howdy Doody time.  That’s old folks talk for their own  real old kid’s show.

It’s La Colonia time.  Our weekly gathering of a few guys that eat at a little Mexican restaurant and solve the world problems.   It was the usual fun time.

Carol finished making curtains for the inside front of the camper (little RV).  Outstanding.DSC_0001DSC_0002

We used hook and eyelets to hang the curtains.  We want an easier/faster way to hang them.  We’re thinking Velcro of some type.  Normal Velcro with sticky backing won’t work.  It usually pulls off.  Anybody have some ideas for us?

The camper has three 12 volt sockets up front in the cab but none in the living area.  They all work off the chassis battery too.  So I went thru some old parts and came up with this hook up.  I hooked up a 12 volt socket to the house batteries.  Now we got 12 volt sockets for the house batteries.DSC_0004DSC_0005

The way I figure is that when boone docking we can use 12 volt accessories.  Plus the solar system will keep the house batteries charged.

Next I drove the camper to the local hardware store and filled up the LP tank.  I had a little below a 1/4 tank.  It took about 10 gallons to fill up.  The price was about $2.70 a gallon I think.DSC_0003 You can see where I installed the LP extended stay hardware.  It’s to the right where you can see the pink tape.  That device I will use for the BBQ and the camp fire ring.  Plus I have the option to hook up any LP tank for the hot water heater/stove/ & portable heater  that’s inside.  It’s nice to have options available.

When I got back to the park I saw Mark & Dortha’s rig in the campground.  I parked our camper in the site next to them instead of blocking the road.  Mark was there and Dortha was at work at Hq.  We talked and talked for about an half hour.  I gave Mark a quick tour of the camper.

I then went and picked up our mail.  I got a special safety part for our camper’s frig.  More info on another day.

Carol fixed some left overs while I did chicken on the BBQ and we mixed it all together.  It was good.

It was a Texas humid day.  Seems like Fall has left and Indian Summer is here.

Retirement… no such thing as having to go to work on a nice day anymore.

See ya………