Monday, October 3, 2016

How High Is High Enough

The motorcycle trailer needs to be worked on.  I got the hitches to try different ones.DSC_0001

I got one hitch for towing the trailer down the road.  Now I want a hitch to load/unload the motorcycles.  If the hitch is high enough then getting the bikes on/off the trailer is a lot easier and safer for us short people.  DSC_0006-001

High hitch lowers the rear ramp.DSC_0005-001

I think I will use the two inch rise hitch to unload the bikes.  Going down the road hitch will be a 4 inch drop.

For some reason I can’t get these tires to mount themselves.DSC_0003

The table was clean for almost a day.  Where did all this stuff come from?DSC_0002

The awning is working fine.  I got lucky for sure.DSC_0009

The solar panels were catching a little sun too.DSC_0013

I straighten out the garage A GA I N…  I think that’s just the way I work.  That is get the tools out and they stay out until I can’t find them in the tool chest.  Then I go around and pick them up.  It’s a simple method for me.

Right now I got several projects going on.  One is the little Honda with the tires waiting for me.  I got the Harley and the air cleaner off.  I’m waiting for it to fix itself.  I got a storage chest and carrier (AK bound) setting on a plastic bin.  I put Alaska stuff in it and other “stuff” on top when it’s closed.  I got a pile of stuff on the floor to go into the Little RV for Luckenbach.

This is all great when you full time RV and have someplace to store/work.  We didn’t have anyplace to store stuff for about our first five years or so of full timing.  It’s now been over 16 years of living in a RV and we now have some place to park where we have extra room.  We have my Mom’s mobile here on our 1/2 acre.  We use it to do laundry, cook sometimes, have friends over and just as an extra area in general.  We still sleep in the RV.  It’s our  home.  The very large two story shed (referred to as the barn) is just friggin great of course.  Carol uses upstairs to line dance plus it has my Mom’s storage stuff up there.  The first floor is 100% mine.  I do what I want, where I want to and when.  In other words I got old crap all over the place.  No real system or I should say it’s my organization of stuff with not to much thinking. Organizing/thinking normally where to put stuff makes it harder for me.   Well, I got off the beaten path but that’s what RVers do.  Go off the beaten path.

Hi “Ed”…

See ya……..