Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mark It’s Spot

Mark came over and over spent the day/part of the evening.  We were getting the Little Honda and the Little RV ready for Alaska.  The Little Honda needed tires/tubes and I just got them in from Amazon.  That went pretty smooth.  Then we went over the wiring for the rear outside storage bin that we will be carrying in the rear hitch.  I got some special lights to run on it.  The wiring and making the lights do what we want is still up in the air.  To be determined later on. 

Next was to check out an LP connecter Mark made for the little RV outside LP tank.  I had already added a what is called an Extended Stay T hookup.  It worked fine for everything like the BBQ except the outside LP fire pit.  The new connector line with regulator works fine.  We just connected it but didn’t fire it up.  Other day.

Next was the Harley that’s running rough.  We took off the tank and found a short for the rear running lights.  We fixed that.  We took off the carb.  The float was a little off and Mark realigned it.  He said he didn’t really see anything wrong with the carb.  We put it all back together and I took it for a test ride.  It still misses but it happens at different times.  We’re lost as to what it needs.  Replacing anything would be a pure guess.  We decided it’s time to go in to the shop.  I will take it to a place over near Conroe that works on old Harleys this week.  Not a dealer!

Next was the new (used) trailer.  We put Mark’s antique BMW and my broke antique Harley on it.  It took some time to get them just right but we did eventually.  DSC_0002DSC_0001

Then we unloaded them.DSC_0004I will be towing them to the Luckenback Antique bike show on 20 Oct.  The Luckenback event is the 21st and 22nd.  Here’s the web site.   Find the 100 cc bike run and watch it.  It’s so funny.  I hope my bike will be done in time.  If not…oh well.

The barn isn’t too bad of a mess afterwards.DSC_0005

Time for dinner.  I cooked some steaks on the grill for us all.  They were good.

We sat out on the porch and smoked a cigar and had a beer or two.  We talked about Alaska and fixed only a few of the world problems.  He went on home later on.

It was a productive day as all retirement days are now.

See ya……