Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Carbon Monoxide

The silent killer for sure.  While at Luckenbach I ran the Wave 6 LP heater in the mornings.  My carbon monoxide (CO) alarm wouldn’t shut up.  Mark & I did a soap test on the LP lines to the heater.  No bubbles (no leak).  Mark brought over his portable CO detector.  It said everything was fine.  It must be the alarm, right?  Yes, we opened a window and turned the roof vent on to get the thing to shut up.  All the moving around got me warmed up and didn’t need the heater anymore anyhow.  We shut it down.

Now this morning I need to find out what’s up with the alarm.  I hooked the heater back up and did another soapy water test on all the lines.  Found the leak.  It was one of those LP connections that you don’t have to use anything when you put them together – WRONG.   I put some pink Teflon tape around the threads of that sucker and put it back together.  No bubbles.  I ran the heater on full blast for over an hour.  I started getting sleepy…..NO just kidding.  No leaks and no alarm.  Easy fix.  Mark well have to check out is portable detector for sure.  All is well again.

In the early evening I went to Lowes and got some L connectors for the heater.  I got them hooked up and did a water soapy water test – no bubbles.DSCN1455DSCN1456DSCN1458

The line is a lot more out of the way with the hose up against the edging.  The Wave 6 heater is a lot of heater for this little RV.  I know someone who might trade their Wave 4 for this Wave 6.  We shall see.

I washed the RV and put it under the carport.   I had been setting next to a dusty road in a field (Luckenbach) and the roof was covered with dirt.  I cleaned out all the tanks real good.  DSCN1462 

Then what the hell I washed the car.DSCN1461

Next was to store the trailer and put the bikes in the garage.DSCN1459DSCN1460

OK, I’m done turn me over…..

Tomorrow will be get ready to go to Betty’s RV Park in LA about 230 miles away via the scenic route of route 82.

Retirement – Some people retire while on the job.

See ya………….