Thursday, October 6, 2016

Footprints In The Sand

How about paw prints on the wood deck instead.  We’ve had a unknown small creature come up on our porch late at night.  He gets up on a table and sticks it’s little paws into the grease catcher of the BBQ.  He loves BBQ cooker grease.  The other day I deep fried some taters outside next to the BBQ.  I forgot and left the cooker out over night.  Well our little buddy likes tater grease too.  He got into a half of gallon of used deep fryer grease.  That in itself isn’t too bad.  But he left tracks on the table from the grease.  Then you could see his grease tracks down the wood deck porch to the end of the porch.  He jumped off a ledge of about 4 feet on to the ground and left.  Now we have these little paw prints in grease going in a straight line going down the porch.  It’s funny looking.  We have armadillos in the yard gnawing at the roots of anything that grows and a little creature who eats any kind of grease.  We think it’s a raccoon and only one. 

Time to install a CB in the little RV.  I’m using an old shortwave radio that is also a CB radio.DSC_0002  It’s about 7-10 years old I think.  That’s when I got it and it came out of a big truck.  I've collected some of the parts from the cleaning up the barn and am ready to go for it and did.  I got all the parts.  I found them in the barn.DSC_0001

Back to the barn and straighten up some more.  today was only about 4 hours and I’m about as far as I’m goona do.DSC_0003DSC_0004DSC_0005

This is the stuff on it’s way out the door.

For lunch DSC_0006

Jon Glick and myself went to the La Colonia for lunch with the Hq bunch.  He’s been here in Livingston all these years and has never been to the La Colonia.  He ate all of his lunch plate so I assumed he liked it.  We all had a good time.

Carol fixed pork chops and sour kraut in the crock pot for dinner.  Simple and good.

Still trying to be retired…….

See ya……