Sunday, October 2, 2016

Breaking NEWS

Jack In The Box no longer has two tacos for 99 cents.  They raised the price 20% to $1.19 at least here locally.  I didn’t get a 20% raise.  Did you?  Maybe I will cut back getting them by 50% and save 30%.  Is that Trump financing?  I'll ask Clinton. 

Who pissed off the gas lords.  It went down three days ago and now it went back up and then some.  Gas and diesel still can be found around here for under $2.00 each.

I bought this oil last year for about $4 a container. DSC_0005 Now it’s almost $9 for the exact same oil.  What the hell.

It was time for What A Burger biscuit and gravy this morning.  Senior (over 55) is $2 bucks and the coffee is free.  Hey,  that’s cheap!  Are they gonna raise their price or do away with it because other fast foods are?

Then I went on to Lowe’s to get some eye outlets for the trailer.  These will be used to hold the motorcycles to the trailer once installed.  DSC_0001

Plus I got two plugs for the Harley.DSC_0003

Next was to work on the hitch height.  Higher the hitch the lower the rear of the trailer ramp will be for easier loading and unloading.  When I get ready to load or unload the motorcycle I just change the hitch.  It’s not for going down the road.  It’s to make the loading and unloading easier and safer.  Next will be for me to actually apply it and see if it works. DSC_0006

I took the Harley out and it’s still running sick.  It might not make it to Luckenbach.  Better yet.  Maybe someone there will know what’s wrong with it.  It runs fine as long as it accelerates slow.  Accelerate medium or fast and it starts missing/popping.  I’ve looked and looked for a couple of weeks now and haven’t found my Harley shop manual.  Any motorcycle gearheads out there?DSC_0004

Last February I got a CB antennae.  I’m ready to install it on the little RV.  I’ve looked and looked for it the past several weeks.  Can’t find it.  I think it’s with the Harley manual.  I ordered another one which means I should find it any day now.

Just another day in retirement… losing things!

See ya……