Monday, October 31, 2016

Windows 10 Renew %*($#*(*

We left Betty’s about 9ish with 210 miles to do.  We decided to go back via I-10.  We stopped and got gas at a Pilot.  Gas was $1.89.  The camper got 8.0 mpg.  I really expected closer to 9 mpg.  Maybe when we’re not towing a car it will go up.had to pay for this

The trip itself was nice.  No idiots where out of their cages.  We cruised about 62 mph and RPMs were about 2,000 for the V-10.  Any lower speed and it was down shifting a little too much for my liking.  I think we got back about 2 PM.

Later we tried to renew our Windows 10.  What a frigging pain in the ass.  Two and half hours on the phone and/or internet continually.  We could hardly understand their English.  AND we had to pay $99 for this agony.  Renewal process sucks for  non geek users.

Retirement is having the time to deal with service  people in a foreign country.  Trump will fix that?

See ya…………