Thursday, October 20, 2016

And We’re Off

Mark met me at the scales to get a weigh of the bike trailer and the camper.

The trailer came in about 2,000 lbs which is well within the max of 3,000 lbs.  The camper came in under the gross vehicle max and under each axle weight max.  Bottom line… it’s fine.

We had 250 miles to go to Blanco State Park.  We stopped several times to check the tie downs on the motorcycles.  Then aback on the road.DSCN1364

Around lunch time we stopped at a little Mexican Restaurant to eat.  Not to bad but not as good as La Colonia in Livingston. 

Here’s where we parked.  Basically were ever we could which wasn’t that hard with these little campers.DSCN1365

Then back on the road.  I led at first so Mark could watch the motorcycles then later he led.  It was a nice drive of red and black line roads.  DSCN1366 

We arrived at Blanco State Park about 3 PM.  We had reservations due to Luckenbach being so close.  It was $21 a night for water and electric.  Plus $4  a person a day for entry fee.  It’s also called a rip for campers.  If you come in just to use the daytime areas it’s $4 a person.  Now if you camp it’s also $4 a person additional to the camping fee.  It’s been like this for years.  Oh well.

The park is real nice with sites that are not to long but wide.  I’m 40 feet with the trailer and had no problem.  

We cooked steak on the BBQ for dinner.  Later we brought out the portable campfire and had a few beers.

All is good.

Retirement is like have many jobs that you don’t set down at.

See ya………