Thursday, July 31, 2014

Alaska Day 67 Last Day In Anchorage

Did you know that it now gets dark in Anchorage, Alaska.  We normally don't get up to check to see if it’s dark because we are so use to it being like dusk at night.  Our bedroom is completely dark at night so we didn’t worry about it being light out or not.  When we would have to get up in the middle of the night we never had to turn on the lights.  Well, we do now!  It’s down right dark in the middle of the night.  Summer has left us.  It did get up to 73 degrees and sunny yesterday.  That’s like a heat wave around here.

At 6:30 AM I was washing the outside windows to get the water spots off.  I wanted to do that before the sun hits them.  No real water spots on the finish only on the windows.

Oh, the other day I went to Freightliner to get a price check on an oil/filters (not incl the air filter) change for the Baby.  The cost was over $700….no thank you.  It’s due to the oil and parts being much higher up here is what I was told.  I will wait until the lower 48 states and get it done for a little more than half that price.  I usually go to Speed Co (  Great for large trucks and RVs.

We went to the commissary and restocked on our needs.  It seems like we are running out of room because we are well stocked in food.

That evening we all (Kruty’s & Ford’s) went to Applebee's for our last meal in Anchorage.  We all like Applebees’s so it was an easy decision.  We tried to order but it seems this very friendly waitress ordered for us.  She was good.  She treated Ed like a 10 year old and he liked it I think.  She was a hoot!  One of a kind.  She got a 25% tip from us.

See ya…..

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Alaska Day 66 Anchorage

I was up and outside washing the “Baby” at 6:30 AM.  It really needed it.  I even washed the wheels but did not polish them yet.  I finished about 8:30 AM.  Looking good.

Carol had her tooth pulled as planned.  She was surprised how quick it was.  All was well the rest of the day….meds…..

Ed/Sandy & Butch/Kathy arrived in early afternoon.  They had a nice trip from Seward.

Everybody did their own thing the rest of the afternoon.  About 4 PM everybody came over to our place and we BSed for a long time.  There were a lot of world problems we had to fix.  We got most of them resolved before calling it a night.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Alaska Day 65 Anchorage Again

We left Cabala’s and arrived at the dealer at 7:45 AM for our 8 o’clock appointment.  We checked in and added the leak. 

We then headed for a dentist for Carol that we found yesterday near the ENT doc I saw yesterday.  She’s been having a problem with a tooth that we decided it needed taken care of.  Yes, it needs to be pulled and need to see an oral surgeon was the conclusion from the dentist….duh. We knew that and thought that’s what the dentist was going to do.  Noooo… Seems like years ago you would go to a dentist and that dentist would take care of what ever you needed.  Nope not anymore.  We called the dentist specialist and got an appointment for the next day (Wednesday).  Great.

We go back to the dealer about 12:30 and learned that everything was done and just needed to do the paperwork.  They replaced the slide out mechanism on this end.  It’s the two metal bars plus some gears and a motor.DSC_0028 

They said that they found the source of the water leak.  It was an opening where the roof front cap meets the roof and sealed it.

So we are done with the RV dealer and decided to go onto base (Ft Richardson) instead of boone docking again.  We got a 30 AMP FHU for $32 a night.  Not too bad for Anchorage but very very high for a military camp ground.

We settled in for the night and it’s Carol turn to see the specialist for her tooth removal tomorrow.  After that we are done with Anchorage.

Ed/Sandy & Butch/Kathy will be here tomorrow according to Ed.  Not sure how long they need to stay.  Time will tell.  Our next destination will be Valdez.  Maybe one more halibut fishing trip.

See ya………

Monday, July 28, 2014

Alaska Day 64 To Anchorage & The Doc

It was about 200 miles to Anchorage.  Along the way ..Fred Meyers parking lot.  What a zoo!DSC_0001 DSC_0005 DSC_0007 DSC_0008

These people parked parked crossways in the parking.  A few minutes later the parking area was full.  Why can’t they just park in the lanes?  It must be hard to park cars.DSC_0010 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0015 DSC_0016.JPG DSC_0019 

We arrived at the new Cabala's.  They got RV parking on the side with a dump.  There were a few blue tarp homesteaders already.  Over all pretty nice.  

We drove the Jeep to the ENT doc about 10 miles away.  He was good.  He did some looking and then out his roto rotor equipment and sucked out the blood in my left ear.  I could hear again.  It couldn’t give a definite answer as to what caused the bleeding other than it isn’t anything happening now and that no damage was evident.  Now that problem went away and two to go.

We got back to the rig and settled in after some light shopping.  Then the rain started and another problem occurred.  We got a leak.  Driver’s side above the driver above the window.  So, I took some panels out and found where the water was coming in at.DSC_0023 DSC_0024 

I got the ladder out while it was raining but couldn’t tell where it was coming in at from the outside.  We put some towels out and just collected the water as it leaked.  Tomorrow we have an appointment with the Winnie dealer and will add this to the slide out problem.

That night some nearby idiot ran his roof mounted 4K industrial generator until after 2 AM.  Carol wouldn’t let me go knock on his door.  Yes, lost sleep……Why couldn’t it happen when I couldn’t hear to well!

See ya……

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Alaska Day 63 Some Stay Some Go

Butch/Kathy and Ed/Sandy left today for Seward.  Seems like they didn’t know which way to go. DSC_0004 Mark left for Homer Spit.  Let’s see who that leaves – Chuck/Kathy, KC/Shelia, Steve/Nancy and us.  It is Loosey Goosey.

Goodbyes…DSC_0001 DSC_0003

We went over to the Leonard’s and wanted to thanked them one more time for having the halibut cook out.  they weren’t home.  Probably out fishing.  We left them some Texas pulled pork bark with friends there that we had saved for them.

The word is that David Kropp fell out of a boat in the Kenai River while fishing.  We heard that he’s a little water logged and is OK.  The important thing is that he did catch his limit of salmon before he went swimming

It almost hit 70 degrees today plus it was sunny with a slight breeze.  Nice……..  Ed called and said they took the rain with them down to Seward.

Tomorrow is the ear doc for me up in Anchorage.

See ya…

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Alaska Day 62 Happy Happy Happy

The day started out a little foggy.  By 10 or so the sun was out so we decided to go for a drive.  Where did we end up?  Walmart & Fred Meyers.  What can I say?  It was like a magnet drawing us to them.  I did get my deep fried gizzards at Fred Meyers.  They know how to cook them so they turn out tender.

At the old Walmart in Kenai City we found Frank & EJ’s RV.  They were out hooting and hollering probably. DSC_0003

Heres their neighbor.  They fit just right.  I guess the sun cooks them out in the sun in that little rig pretty quick.DSC_0002

Then later we sat out and shared stories…DSC_0001-001

Seems like we were hollering about size or something.DSC_0012DSC_0007 DSC_0006DSC_0008 DSC_0010

Of course this led to drinking..DSC_0018

And everyone got happy happy happy…DSC_0009

I think we were being watched……….DSC_0020

See ya….

Friday, July 25, 2014

Alaska Day 61 Rain

I think today was the first day that it rained all day and into the evening.  So, I think I will give you some more bear pics from Brooks Falls, Katmai NP.DSCN0412 DSC_0014-001 DSC_0019-001 DSC_0070-001 DSC_0072-001 DSC_0097-001 DSC_0116-001 DSC_0130-001 DSC_0155-001 DSC_0164-001 DSC_0200-001 DSC_0243-001

Rainy days are good……time to think back.

See ya….

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Alaska Day 60 Cook Out & Hospital ER

Larry & Peggy Leonard SKP #1426(?) invited some Loosey Goosey members to their place here in Ninilchik for a halibut cook out.  Larry is on the left and Peggy on the right with Mark next to her.  I’m in the background.  DSC_0004Larry is getting ready to deep fry the halibut in his special batter.  Mark and I deep fried some taters. DSC_0003

We were ready for the rain but it never did.DSC_0001  DSC_0002  DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009  DSC_0012

Carol & I left early about 3 PM.  My left ear had been bleeding internally and no hearing so it was time to go to the local clinic.  We went there and they took a lookey look.  The medical staff then called an ER doctor up in Soldotna.  He said for us to go up and see him.  We drove the 55 miles up to the ER at the hospital in Soldotna and arrived at 5 PM.  We saw the doc but it took 3 hours for the whole ordeal.  He said that I have blood behind the ear drum and what appears to be a tear in it.  That’s why I can’t hear out of it.  I now have an appointment for an ENT   specialist for Monday in Anchorage.  So we made a few changes in our plans and will be in Anchorage come Monday.  Tuesday the RV goes in to it’s doctor to fix the slide out.  Hopefully we both will be ready for the road Wednesday.  If not, we will deal with them accordingly.  The other folks will continue on with their trip as expected – loosey goosey.

See ya……….

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alaska Day 59 A Homer Visit

We drove the 55 miles or so down to Homer and ate our lunch at this little cafe.  They are really into organic and it was pretty goodDSC_0085

Before we left we had to do a visit to the local brewery and got a growler with one of their many beers.DSC_0086

Homer’s fishing hole.  It’s pretty well known down here.DSC_0087

Then we drove over to Mark who was only a stone throw away. DSC_0091 DSC_0093

That night we deep fried some halibut.  Here’s our ingredients.  It was good…DSC_0097

See ya………….