Friday, July 11, 2014

Alaska Day 48 Arrive Anchorage

We arrived at Black Spruce Campground which is a military campground aboard Ft Richardson.  In 2011 the cost was $23.  It’s now $33.  No improvements what so ever!!!!  AND some sights were in need of water due to broken pipes from some time ago.  They reduced the price on those sites by $3.  Oh what a deal!  What the hell is wrong with that increase?!  My retired pay didn’t go up 45%.  Base commanders can do what ever THEY feel is right.  No one to answer to concerning a little campground aboard their base.   Screw the campers and make money!!!!!! That’s the bottom line.  Such is life….

Then we’re off to downtown Anchorage in the Jeep.  I wanted to find the RV dealer we have to go to Monday for the slide out (warranty).  It makes it a lot easier come Monday.  We found it.  Then we’re off to see the shops downtown.  I went into a camera shop and Carol did her thing.  The camera shop had some nice lenses there.  I was tempted so I left.  We went around to the tourists shops and just looked around, nothing special.

Then it was to Walmart of course for some “stuff.”

Upon our return to camp we were told that we just missed a bear.  So we went on a bear hunt – in the Jeep.  Several people told us we just missed him.  We gave up after 15 minutes of hunting around the thick brushed/treed campground.  It has about 3-4 roads in it and we drove down them all.  Oh well. 

Back at the RV we noticed our campsite had several mounds of Moose droppings in it.  There are animals around.

At night, Butch/Kathy, Ed/Sandy and us sat out testing different skeeter killers.  We told stories on each other that really kept us laughing.  We had a blast for sure.   

See ya……