Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alaska Day 47 Willow

I forgot to say yesterday that a RV really has no business on the Hatcher Pass road.  It’s just to narrow in a lot of spots.  For a quikie look go in from the Palmer entrance.  If you want the full experience drive the entire road from either entrance.

Mark left today and is headed down south.  The fish are calling him….

Carol did work inside the rig and I just tried to stay out of her way.  It rained and rained today.  All the other guys went into to town (30 miles?).  Ed & Sandy met with Steve & Nancy in Wasilla.  There transmission  appears to have given out on their motorhome.  A church put them up in an empty house next to a church.  How nice.  They will find out for sure what is wrong and the cost probably today.  It will not be cheap for sure.

We head for Anchorage tomorrow….

See ya………….