Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alaska Day 45 Talkeetna

This very little town has a lot of young kids (teens/early 20’s) wondering around.  They kinda take away from the town.  OR if you are young like they are they add to it.  I wonder where they go at night?

Anyhow, Carol & I walked to town.  We did the tourist thing and went into all of their 5 tourist shops.  I did get a cool mug.

Since this is our 5th trip here we don’t think we will return here.  Four times were enough.  They do have the flight services which are great and the jet boat rides which are cool that many people do come for.

We went here for lunch which was like a coffee houseDSCN0337

Look, two old hippies….DSCN0338

We took our jet boat ride this evening with 38 other people.  It was pretty nice and the price was right, $70 for two people, half price for 2 hours.  We stopped at a trapper’s cabin and got a nature/history lesson which was interesting.  DSCN0341 DSCN0342 DSCN0343

Here are the real animals…..DSCN0344

We got back to our rig about 8:30 PM.  Yes, it was still daylight.  We watched some recorded TV and called it a night.

Tomorrow we head for Hatcher’s Pass area which is about 40 miles away OR……..?

See ya…….