Thursday, July 31, 2014

Alaska Day 67 Last Day In Anchorage

Did you know that it now gets dark in Anchorage, Alaska.  We normally don't get up to check to see if it’s dark because we are so use to it being like dusk at night.  Our bedroom is completely dark at night so we didn’t worry about it being light out or not.  When we would have to get up in the middle of the night we never had to turn on the lights.  Well, we do now!  It’s down right dark in the middle of the night.  Summer has left us.  It did get up to 73 degrees and sunny yesterday.  That’s like a heat wave around here.

At 6:30 AM I was washing the outside windows to get the water spots off.  I wanted to do that before the sun hits them.  No real water spots on the finish only on the windows.

Oh, the other day I went to Freightliner to get a price check on an oil/filters (not incl the air filter) change for the Baby.  The cost was over $700….no thank you.  It’s due to the oil and parts being much higher up here is what I was told.  I will wait until the lower 48 states and get it done for a little more than half that price.  I usually go to Speed Co (  Great for large trucks and RVs.

We went to the commissary and restocked on our needs.  It seems like we are running out of room because we are well stocked in food.

That evening we all (Kruty’s & Ford’s) went to Applebee's for our last meal in Anchorage.  We all like Applebees’s so it was an easy decision.  We tried to order but it seems this very friendly waitress ordered for us.  She was good.  She treated Ed like a 10 year old and he liked it I think.  She was a hoot!  One of a kind.  She got a 25% tip from us.

See ya…..