Monday, July 21, 2014

Alaska Day 57 Homer fishing

Ed, Butch and I left the campground at 5:15 AM and headed for our day of fishing out of Homer, AK, the halibut capital of the world.

We arrived at 6:30 AM at the 50’ boat Sundy.  We had 16 fisherman on this boat for an all day adventure.  We headed south for about an hour & a half.  We dropped lines and within 10 minutes people started to haul halibut in.  That is everybody except one – me.  I bragged to all those that would listen that I would catch the big one and so forth.  I was just having fun jaw jacking.  The one that brags is the one who eats crow usually.  I started to get that crow taste in my mouth after about an hour and I was the one that hadn’t caught any.  Then I got one and it was for sure a keeper and I did.  It turned out to be the biggest catch of all for the day.  My arms got sore over the course of the day of reeling up from about 150’ of water with a 3 lb weight on the line.  So, here’s Mark holding my catch up for me.  Not real big but big enough to win a small jackpot for biggest fish caught for the day.DSCN0421 The crew filleted the fish.  Pretty common on charters.DSCN0425 DSCN0428 Everybody on board caught their limit of two halibut.  Plus Mark & I each caught a pretty big cod.DSCN0432

Back at port we saw this seal just laying around.  I think he’s in heaven with a boat name like HalibutDSCN0433

We got our fish processed (packaged/frozen) here.  Not a real experienced staff.  I would not recommend them.  About $1.15 a lb.DSCN0434

Ed and Mark at Mark’s sight next to the fishing hole in Homer.  Mark likes the fact that he can just walk over and throw a line in.DSCN0435 DSCN0436

Another glacier across the bay from Mark’s site.DSCN0437

See ya……….