Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Monday

Today will be our last day here at North Ranch Congress, AZ.  It will be quite some time before our return probably.  The last time I said that we returned within a month.

We are basically packed up and ready to move.  We have this down pretty good being full timers.  Carol does the laundry our last day before we move.  I look at the temperatures outside in the mornings to decide the day before or on move day morning to do the outside hook ups.  Cold water hoses and sewer pipes aren’t easy in the real cold mornings.  Since we don’t know where we will be the next few nights we will be loaded up with water.  The day temps are not hot and the nights are in the mid 40’s so that’s pretty good.

I haven’t cleaned the Jeep real good due to the power steering leaking on it from the Baby going down the road.  Just one more day of that hopefully.  Then I will wash it, wax it and put the front bonnet on it.  I already got my “stuff” in it that we will carry on our big journey.

Luke and Judy stopped over in the afternoon for a chit chat and to compare our summers.  Nope, we ain’t going the same places this year but did in 2011.DSC_0001

We went over Steve & Lila’s for dinner along with Denny and Susie. DSC_0006

Lila is into beading you think?DSC_0002

We then went over to Ed & Sandy’s to see their new kitchen floor.  It really looks nice.  We will see them in about 2 months in Wy probably.

See ya……………………..

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Friends Traveling On

At 6:45 AM I was up and about.  I went out to the Jeep and it sprouted a hood ornament.  DSC_0002-001 Thank you Bill & Jan Mains (billandjanrvingthe  It seems like we just couldn’t get together too much the last week or so.

It was off to Denny’s.   How many men does it take to check the tire pressure on a motorhome?  DSC_0001 It should be done before the sun heats up the tires on one side.  This way you can set them up to the same pressure on each side.  We picked up the wives and went to Carl Jr’s for breakfast.  Low and behold who did we pick up along the way but Kelly and Walt Gunn.  We had trouble getting together in the evenings so why not breakfast before they pull out this morning.  Here’s the good side….DSC_0002

And here’s the bad side….. or is it the other way around.DSC_0003

What service at Carl’s Jr.DSC_0004

Wow, we saw our friends arrive and now they are leaving.  We’re not.  What’s up with that?

This was one of the few times that we did not get involved in the activities that were going on like wood carving, beading, dinners, outings, etc..   It’s nice being bliss to what's going on around you  sometimes.  Friends had things to do with their related activity friends and we weren’t involved most of the time.  No big get togethers, just little personal ones for us.  You know, that was cool.  It turned out to be our down time and we enjoyed it.

Here’s something we ran across.  It’s a……DSC_0008

NASCAR…Dale Jr came in third.  Wow, did I predict that yesterday  or what.

Denny & Susie invited us over for soup for dinner.  It was pretty good.  Then it was time to go up for the ice cream social.  They all went but I just didn’t  feel like it so I didn’t.DSC_0001-001

We sold “things” out of the shed this last week and made about $750.  $600 for the 2,000 watt Honda generator was the bigee of course.  Fuel for the Baby! 

This week starting Tuesday after our Freightliner appointment in Chandler, we have no plans for Tuesday thru Thursday nights.  Maybe the Tempe Elks.  Any thoughts out there, preferably the cheap I mean frugal ones? 

Friday we will attend the Escapees Chapter 32 rally at Cave Creek Rec Area.  Come on out if you have no plans.  You don’t have to be a Chapter 32 member and not even an Escapee for the first time or so.

See ya….

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Over There Over Here Things Everywhere

I went up to the Activity Center for breakfast.  Kelly was the head cook.  The egg/sausage burritos were good.  Here’s Denny waiting for a customer.  George in the background. DSC_0018

Friends galore….DSC_0017

Mary Pelly..the Grand Ole Lady.DSC_0019

and hubby Gail.  He knows where the food goes.  I think he is 90+ years old and still has his wits.DSC_0020

Our shed is now empty and will be waiting for it’s new owners.DSC_0022

As well as this young little bunny.DSC_0023


The ATV is stored away on Ed & Sandy’s place for another time.DSC_0025

Plus we have parts over on Denny & Susie’s place.  It’s hard to have a fun place to stay without storage for the toys.  Thanks all you guys…..

Much later that evening we stopped over Sharon & Don’s for set outside time.  It was dark with no wind. Very nice outside.  We all talked about our plans for the summer.  We just might meet up with them in the Autumn on the East coast.

Tomorrow is NACAR time.  Come on Dale, another top 3 finish.

See ya…..

Friday, March 28, 2014

Full Timers Jello Schedule

Our travel plans changed several times today.  It started when I called Freightliner and asked if my part was in.  “Yes.  It came in two days ago.”  then I asked why I wasn’t called like I was promised.  I got some stuttering and then I said never mind let’s set up an appointment.   We agreed 10 AM Tuesday and was promised that I wouldn’t get screwed again like our first visit.  OKkkkkkkk..we will see. 

Thus we have decided when we leave Tuesday for  Freightliner we will not return to North Ranch. We will go to Escapees Chapter 32 rally just north of Phoenix on 4 April. In other words we will be heading North to Alaska. No more right or left turns. Slow but straight up.  Now what we do between 1 April and start of the rally on 4 April is unknown.  Maybe we will go pester Nick & Terry near Apache Junction. 

Next I went over Denny’s to see if I could supervisor the removing of his belt drive and check it out from all the water the other day.  That big cover there is what we took off.  I couldn’t take pictures during because my hands got greasy some how.  It was fine.   DSC_0004

BUT he had broke a front sway bar.  A broken rear sway bar caused my major accident last year.  It’s broke – no more ATVing till next year for Denny.  It’s the two black holes you see that are suppose to be together. DSC_0003 

Here’s our site that we use just about every square foot of.DSC_0005

These people really pack it in.  I don’t think I could RV like that.DSC_0006

Here’s the road to Yarnell that is on top of that mountain.  Denny/Susie and usins are going for ribs up there.  DSC_0007


It’s the American Legion and they open it up to guests on Friday nights for diner.  DSC_0008

Here’s what 9 bucks will get you.  Pretty dog on good and the price was real good for ribs. DSC_0009 DSC_0010

Then on the way back we saw Joe & Jan Tenpenny’s car at a restaurant.  Of course we had to pull in.  Dennis & Pat Swan were with them.  They’re fish & chips looked real good.DSC_0015


We got back to our place and Denny & Susie stayed for awhile to see if we could fix any of the world problems.  Nope but we did talk a lot about cats.  Denny helped me get rid of some of that extra booze we have.

Tomorrow I have to really start getting the Polaris ATV ready for storage.  That will take care of the morning.  I guess the rest of the day I will rest.  Maybe take care of a “honey do” thing or two.

See ya…..

Thursday, March 27, 2014

On The Road Again – NOT!

Well, I must be bored.  I tried to down load Goggle Maps and got in all sorts of trouble.  Then I tried to delete it.  Oppps.  Then I back dated the start up on my computer.  Then I lost Picasa which is an organizer for my pictures.  I’m so far behind the power curve with computers is why I very seldom do any type of updates or new programs.  I’m almost back to where I started now so I will make do.  I try not to touch my computer except for the basics which are pictures and blogs basically.  Oh yea, Streets & Trips of course.

We are done with the paperwork with the Lot.  The buyers now own it.  We still have a few things to get out of the shed which are ATV related.  That will happen just before we leave when ever that might be.  We’re kinda in a limbo until the power steering leak is fixed.  Can’t go too far because it would probably upset the Freightliner part system if we said to ship it somewhere else for repairs.  Maybe they got the same kind of computer I got.

We’re starting to get that ‘itch” to move on……anywhere…. I need to dust the “Baby” and shine it wheels.  I need to wash, wax the Jeep and put some Aerospace protectant on the black plastic parts.  I still have some power steering fluid on the orange pumpkin.

Get this, Carol wants a cordless saws all power tool.  We went to Harbor Freight, Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart.  None of them had just the saw with battery/charger.  They want wanted to sell just the tool, then the battery, then the charger.  No kits unless you wanted other power towels.  I just sold the “other” power tools because I didn’t use them.  No rush.

Back to where and when we leave here.  Not 100% sure.  It changes about everyday.  Looks like next Friday and that a maybe…probably.  That will take us to a Chapter 32 rally in Northern Phoenix about 100 miles.  If not that, maybe set here in Congress another few days and go to TTN Verde Valley.  Full timing is such a hard life of decisions isn’t it.  Where do we want to travel to next!

Oh, here’s an usual problem we have.   We got way too much booze to take across the border of Canada.  My half gallon of Captain Morgan, Carol’s two bottles of Amaretto and Baileys.  Then we have another two bottles of Mexican Kahlua.  That takes care of “most” of the hard stuff.  Then we got beer.  Need I say more.  Wait a minute..I think I got a bunch of drunks knocking at our door.

See ya………

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Update…….Still waiting for the Freightliner part that was suppose to be in last Thursday/Friday.

Update…….Selling the Lot.  Still waiting for a Closing Date.  We were told no later than 4 April.  Sounds like we gave the title company 2 weeks to do about 3-4 days of work.

Update…. Emptying the shed that sets on the Lot -  almost done.  Looking real good.  Sold some stuff, gave away some stuff, and will store some stuff at friends.

Update…….  Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Yep, we had some around the neighborhood.  Probably again about the same time next year.

Update……Friends.  Everybody doing fine.  Ate the last of the ribs with Sharon & Don the other night.  We had hamburgers over at Kellie & Walt’s one night.

Update…….ATVing.  Went out with Denny and he got stuck in about 2 feet of water.  He nor his Polaris Razor float.  I winched them out and them towed them about 7 miles.  Susie brought the trailer out and took the Razor back home.  It was water logged (the Razor)but dried out in time and runs fine now.  Denny too.

Update…….I got a haircut and shaved if anybody cares.

Update….Honey do’s.  I guess I will have to start that list.  I need some brownie points.

See ya………….

Saturday, March 22, 2014


It was Denny Orr’s birthday and Ed & Sandy’s Wedding anniversary today, Friday.  At our ages we have usually bought everything we need or want and can afford.  So what do you get these people, if anything.  Well, food always works.  We went to a store and just looked around.  It was an easy buy.  The store was Dollar General of course.  We buy gifts from the heart and not our pocket book.  So Denny got a box of prunes, spam, spam spread, and so on.  I think you get the idea.  That evening we went to his house for his very small birthday party.  Denny really got a kick out of his gifts.  Hey, if it brings a smile the missions is accomplished.

Ed & Sandy were out for dinner with their card playing buddies.  They didn’t get their special toys for newly weds of 15/16 years(?).  They will have to wait.

Earlier we went to the title company to get things set up for our closing date for our lot.  What a farce.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a job that you get paid for doing and that you even sell insurance for doing that job and get paid for that too.  What a friggin rip.  We learned some expensive lessons after we signed the contract in dealing with Pioneer Title Company here in Wickenburg.  It’s like we got the rest of the story afterwards.  I told them what I thought of their business tactics too…of course.  There’s goes my blood pressure……

It’s like in the old days when you bought a car/RV and there were no such things as document fee or a prep free or now with RVs we will stick you ever which way we can fee.  When I deal with car or RV dealers I tell them I don’t want to hear of those things and that my offers include all their BS and no additional fees other than required federal, state or county.  They try hard to add that other stuff but I will refuse and always refer to “I said to include all their “fees” in any price quotes.”  Now real estate is a new game for me.  I’m a quick learner and already paid the price but squealed like a pig all the way to the butcher block.

See ya……

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rub A Dub Dub

I was on a much needed diet of Ibuprofen Thursday.  Why?  Because it was time to wash the Baby  and I always hurt during and after.  I started at 8 AM and finished about 3 PM with an hour for lunch and a nap.  When finishe washing I wiped the windows to avoid too many water spots.  They got pretty hard water here.  Then I wiped down the entire coach by hand.  Hey, you do what you gotta do or want to do.  I didn’t want water spots on the coach anywhere.  The wheels are looking pretty good too.  Let’s see.  Jerry & Diane J came over while I washing the rig so that gave me a break.  Nice seeing them.  Then later Bret and Anne H came over.  They're the ones buying our lot here.  George came over earlier and updated me about all the going on’s in the park.  Walt G came over to visit too.  He brought me some stuff to clean off the power steering fluid in the rear radiator compartment.  He wouldn’t show how to do it though.  I did have some breaks during the Baby’s wash so I guess that’s why it took me so long.

That evening I noticed we didn’t have HD on our TV.  Oh no I got to call Direct TV.  Here goes my blood pressure.  I called them and they walked me thru a guide reprogram procedure.  It worked.  Wow, I’m not use to getting results from them without dealing with some idiot that reads from a notebook.

It was a pretty dog on good day.

Site 101 is open next to us.  I wonder if Don & Sharon are getting it when they come in later today (Friday).

Ed, we will come and see you.  I was too busy trying to be Tom Sawyer Thursday.  Do I need to bring my new electric knife for a little touch up on your surgery?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let’s Get Moving

Wednesday Freightliner opened at 7 AM.  I was there of course.  I told the service writers I didn’t like being screwed by their shift yesterday nor their night shift.  At 7:30 we were in the shop and two techs were working on the baby.  Less than 15 minutes later it was diagnosed that I needed a power steering reservoir and a driver info display board unit.  All gauges frozen. DSC_0076

How friggin hard was that.  The parts would be in about 12:30.  The display unit part came in and 10 minutes later it was installed.  The tech checked for fault codes and none were found.  Everything worked fine.  I was told that the reservoir would take anywhere from 7 days to two months but probably closer to the two months.  Freightliner did not have the part available in their system anywhere I was told.  The manufacture would have to be contacted and then actually  would have to manufacture the part.  I called Freightliner HELP line.  Told them the story from when we bought the rig it was leaking then and so forth.  They wanted to talk to the dealer so I walked my phone inside and they talked to the service department.  Freightliner told them what to do.  The part will be here tomorrow or Friday.  How friggin hard was that?  Now that’s service.  This dealership just won’t put in the effort to take care of a customer.  If you don’t say anything they walk all over you.  Sorry, been there done that.  Total cost so far $918.21 but we are under warranty of course.  We left about 2 PM and arrived at North Ranch about 3:30.  We went over Denny & Susie to share stories (ours mostly).  Later we all went to Carl’s Jr along with Kelly & Walt for dinner.  It was great being back in the saddle again driving and being with “old friends” (except Kelly-she’s a baby).

Carol has been taking pictures ever since we left and I have been receiving poo for not putting them on the blog.  Here we go starting from Livingston.DSC_0001

In Houston this big rig accident happened in the construction zone right in front of us.  The crane just happened to be there already.  Yes it was windy.  We were among the very first on scene.DSC_0006

Next accident down the road and again among the first on scene.  Winds are strong.DSC_0014


First nightDSC_0021

The cat loves it here but wants to go outside for some reason.DSC_0027


Didn’t get a very good picture but a pick up rolled with this utility trailer.  Yep, strong winds and stupid drivers don’t mix.DSC_0042

On down the road…..DSC_0045 DSC_0050


And we are here some 1,300 miles later.DSC_0072

That’s it folks.

See ya……….

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Freightliner Chandler (Phoenix) Sucks

We arrived (Tues 9 AM) at Freightliner Chandler (Phoenix) and was told it would be later in the afternoon before they could get to us.  Later afternoon arrives.  I asked how close we were to getting in.  I was told when they finished with a truck in bay 1 we would go in.  Half hour after the truck leaves I ask how much longer.  It was now 4:30 or so and a shift changed occurred.  I was then told I would not be seen that night.  “too busy.” They shut down at midnight.  Yes, I informed them of ……………….. and so more ……………………BS.  I moved the rig to a more level spot and set up camp.  Yes, somebody will get an ear full tomorrow (Wed) to include their main office.   I will start with the general manager and skip the service manager.  They have a problem between shifts and I’m gonna make sure they know at the highest level.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Baby Is Hurting

Somewhere around Wilcox it happened.  ALL dashboard gauges/instruments both LED and analog stopped working along with the exhaust brake and cruise control.  Nothing working on the dash!  Outside brake lights work.  On the LED screen it says UNIT NOT PROGRAMMED.  The Baby is drivable but think about it – no dash instruments.  We, Carol too, drove 740 miles (Monday) to the Tucson old Lazydays campground.    It’s now a KOA but honored our free night Lazydays coupon.  We want to and will make Freightliner Chandler (Phoenix) Tuesday mid morning.  Now they can fix this dash and the power steering.  We need to be at Congress, AZ by Wednesday night to get going on the sale of our lot there.  Let’s see what happens.

Pics and more stories later on.

See ya……

Monday, March 17, 2014

Blowing In The Wind

Nice song but it wasn’t a nice day for a drive yesterday (Sunday).  Four hours of rain and a head wind that made me grip the steering wheel tight all day long.  It was the hardest 400 miles that I’ve ever driven I think.   It pooped me out.  We got fuel in Sonora, Tx at $3.79.  Fuel mileage dropped down to 7.7 MPG.  Plus the power steering reservoir is leaking about a 1/2 ounce every 100 miles.  It has leaked since new.  I just put a new gasket on the lid and evidently that didn’t fix it.  So the Baby and the Jeep are very dirty from the rain plus the Jeep and everything back there has power steering fluid on it.

We spent the night at Sonora Caverns just off I-10 a few miles.  We’ve stayed here before.  The sites aren’t pretty but for $20 (E/W) and away from I-10 it’s worth it.  Plenty of ground birds for the cat to watch.

Monday is suppose to be more friggin head winds but sunny.   The Baby spent a lot of time yesterday in 5th gear and even had to shift to 4th up most hills on I-10.  It was a strong head wind.   I watched the engine temperature gauge constantly.

We aren’t really sure what we are doing at this point.  We might by pass Sharon & Don’s (Benson) Tuesday and head for Chandler (Phoenix) Freightliner.  This would put us within striking range of Congress by Jeep if need be.  We are still planning to be in Congress Wednesday with the Baby and all.  Worse case is that we might have to go back to Freightliner to finish the repair.  I think the reservoir lid is not screwed on all the way maybe or the tank is warped thus can’t get a seal with the lid.  I guess it’s above my pay grade.

See ya……

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nice Day For A Drive

Nice day for a drive To Arizona which is about 1,300 miles West.  OK folks hang on.  As you read this we’ve left Livingston, TX and are headed for Congress, AZ.   Friday we got “the call”.  Our lot in Congress sold.  We made a verbal agreement over the phone with a fellow SKP.  This deal will get us out of debt some.  Thank goodness.

It has taken us two days (Fri/Sat) to get things taken care of here.  I won’t even bore you with the details other than to say, WOW it was mostly the little stuff.  Glad I had already installed the K&N air filter and the gasket for the power steering unit on the Baby.  I washed the Mariner, Jeep and the Baby between heavy rain.  Whew did it down pour.  The Baby had a lot of road grime still on it from our trip out here a few weeks ago from AZ.  We came out then to get my Mom all situated.  Now we are going back to get our lot all situated.  Do you see a trend here yet?

Frank & Gloria King stopped by Saturday evening.  They will be coming over and staying on our lot for awhile.  I think Frank is going to take singing lessons while here.  Inside fun.  You have to know Frank.

Since it’s Sunday we are doing what our two GPS systems (Garmin/Rand McNally) are telling us to do.  Go thru downtown Houston to Interstate 10 and hang a right.  We haven’t done that in about seven years or so.  We learned are lesson back then not to do that again.  Let’s see if we have to relearn it again.  It’s a 1,300 mile journey and we have no planned stops.   Maybe a day or two at Sharon & Don’s.  They’re gonna be near 80 degrees the next few days.  Yea… We have reservations at the Escapees park, North Ranch in Congress, AZ starting Wednesday.  Pelly’s Campground was full.  We are not making it a speed trip but we aren’t stopping to smell too many roses along the way.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pissed Me Off This Week

Freightliner, Walmart Discover Credit Card, Verizon, & Direct TV are the companies we dealt with this week because they screwed up.  We felt we won, if there is such a thing, with everyone except Walmart Discover Card.  The verdict is still out on them.  If there’s a problem we either call them or email them as high up the corporate ladder as possible.  The internet is a very good resource for corporate headquarters information.  Just last year I got the email to a member of an executive board member of the company I was dealing with.  Whoa, did that bring quick and fast results in our favor.  Sometimes it’s resolved in a few minutes and sometimes months.  In our experience, you know who it takes the most time with us?  RV manufactures.  I’m that little thorn in their side that won’t go away.  Sometimes I win because I’m right and sometimes it’s just public relations.  I don’t care usually.  Hold them accountable and be a pleasant little ladybug that won’t go away.  We play the good guy bad guy also.  Yes, I’m the bad guy and Carol is the sweet good guy.  Sometimes these big companies seem not to care because they’re so big.  You get up into the upper management and they start to give the impression that they care and some really do.

Our advice, go for it…………if it’s worth it to you.

Stay tuned…thing’s are . . . . . .

See ya……

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Full Of Air & More Ribs Of Course

I wanted all my tires to have air sensors on them and working.  I finally figured out that one tire on the Jeep and one tire on the Baby had bad sensors.  I used three of the sensors that Larry Forbes sent me.  One was bad and that’s OK.  I now have all the Baby’s tires within 2 lbs of each other.  Considering I have an air gauge on the Sears tire pumper upper, on the air gauge of the hose, a hand air gauge and the Pressure Pro monitoring system I would say I’m A OK.  I carry about 105 lbs pressure in all my RV Tires.  For the weight/air chart is says 100 lbs and the sidewalls say 110 psi max.  The outside temp is 60 degrees and the sun is not out.  I’m on the money.  The Jeep I now have 30 lbs in all four.  I have been carrying 36 lbs for about 4 K miles and they are starting to show over inflation. I have lowered them to 30 lbs for a softer ride especially being around Livingston so long.  When we get to Dawson Creek I will lower them to about 26 lbs or so.  This is all based on my many years with heavy vehicles.  You do what you want.  I would say get your rig loaded and weighed first, then make decisions.  Yes, the Escapees Smart Weigh program.

I started the prep for the baby back ribs.  Here they are ready for the smoker.DSC_0003 

After two hours at 225 degrees they look like this. DSC_0004 

I then foil them up and they go back into the smoker for another 2 hours.

After that I removed the foil and they go back for one more hour.

Then Happy Happy Happy guinea pigs.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007

Greg and Jan White came over from the TTN Conroe park to try the ribs.  I bribed them to come over.  Next time I don’t think I will have to at all.  I smoked two racks and you know they actually left about a half of rack.  They ate so much they couldn’t move for about 2 hours.  I don’t believe guests leaving hungry no matter what Carol & I cook.  Mission accomplished.  We have never gotten to really set down with Greg and Jan and we are glad we got the opportunity to.  It was fun and we will do it again for sure.

I asked them if they wanted to come back again and they started slobbering and stuttering.  I took that as a yes.  Maybe I will let them try my smoked pulled pork butt that I think I have mastered.  They got to do something about that slobbering though.

Greg took a lookie look at my computer.  I had a small problem and in no time he fixed it.  Of course he was still slobbering so I had to clean the keyboard.

Thanks guys, it was really fun.

Welcome back Ed Kruty.  I could have done the same surgery as the doc’s.

See ya……

Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Of This & That

First thing was to test the Jeep’s tire pressure.  Still 30 lbs from yesterday.  Good to go.  I will reinstall another air sensor another day.

Next was to test the electrical towing cord that I repaired.  I just hooked up a new cord that I have.  The same failure did not occur.  That means that my repair job on the old cord is not so good.  I rewired one end and my work in the middle and then it worked.

I don’t work well in clean areas.DSC_0004 

I now bungee the electrical cord up and away from the bottom of the rear of the hitch. DSC_0005DSC_0006

I wonder if my gasket for my power steering reservoir came in at Houston Freightliner.  I was suppose to get a call last Thursday or Friday.  I called them and  what a screw up.  I sent an email to one of the head guys of the Houston area Freightliner/Sterling organization.  He relied back with an excuse and will call me when the part is in for the third time.

Next was to make reservations at Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD for late and early May.  Since we want to stay 3 weeks in the area we decided to go ahead and make the reservations around late April and early May.  Two out of the three weeks.  No problem.  Hart Ranch will runs us about $15 a night.  Elks are $20 as is the nearby military base.  Hart Ranch has them beat hands down.  It’s a membership park (AOR, RPI, PA) is the reason for the low cost of this park.  We’ve stayed many times over the years and we rate it as one of our favorite parks overall.

Since it’s suppose to rain tomorrow I washed the Jeep.  A friggin bird pooed on the Jeep while I washing it.  Well, the bright side is that he missed me.   Plus I wanted to guarantee the rain of course.   It seems the birds around here have made our vehicles the target of opportunity for them. 

Hey, it’s above 70 degrees.  Mid week we go back to the 60’s and 30’s.

Hey Ed, I bought a Black & Decker electric knife.  If you want me to cut on you instead of those doc’s out there in AZ today, just let me know.  Hey guy….it will be OK buddy, semper fi….

See ya for sure….

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Not In Over 40 Years of RVing

First time in over 40 years of RVing I smashed a RV towing/pulling electrical cord.  Fifth wheels, trailers, towing cars, I was so  extra careful with the tow cord.  Opps, not this time.

I usually bungee cord it up and away from anything that might drag under the hitch.  I hadn’t yet with this new rig but will now.  I did this about 50 miles from here pulling out of a gas station.  I heard the scrape.  One reason was the steepness of the exit and the other was because I hadn’t tied the cord like I usually do.  Lesson relearned.   I do have a new spare one and will use to test.   The old one I rewired and will continue to use after I make sure it works OK of course.  It’s better than new as Tim Allen would say.DSC_0001  

I hooked the Jeep up with it.  On no.  No right Jeep tail lights – nothing.  I disconnected the Jeep and made sure the Jeep was OK and it was.  That means my repair was not done right (not me) or there were blow fuses.  Tomorrow I will get out my spare cord and hook up the Jeep again and see if I get the same results.  I think I got some blown fuses in the RV (tow vehicle fuses).

To add to this pity pot the Jeep is losing air in one it’s tires.  About 25 lbs a day.  I also got one tire on the RV that loses about a 1/2 lb a day.  What's up with this?  It’s been well over 15 years that anything like this has happened much less two tires.  At 9 AM I pumped my Jeep tire up to 30 lbs.  At 9 PM is still had 30 lbs in it.  The difference is that I took off the air sensor.  I will know for sure if the rubber thing inside the air sensor is bad since I left it off.  I got extra air sensors thanks to Larry Forbes.  He sent me his old ones since he got another type of tire air monitoring system.  Thanks Larry…..I think.

Jon & Sue Glick came over for dinner.  I had some cooked ribs from the other day in the freezer and got those babies out for us.  No problem.  I warmed them up and soaked them in some apple cider and they were still pretty dog on good if I say so myself.  We talked about the usual stuff to include Alaska.  It was a good time.

I got one more cook out planned for Tuesday with Greg and Jan White.  They’re coming over from TTN Lake Conroe to visit us.  Or maybe it’s the ribs. Boy oh boy, can’t remember the last time we saw them, maybe 2013 or even longer.  I guess that’s just another subject that we can talk about.  We all have a special pet – a cat.

See ya…..

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ribs & Margaritas

Do I need to say more except this must be the place.  No pictures because I was too lazy, thoughtless and my fingers were too greasy at Mark’s place.

Mark and I were the scientists and we had guinea pigs to test our smoked baby back ribs on.  The test was a success.  Nobody died or got sick.  We were on the money with the ribs.  We both tried a little variation in smoking them.  Mine came out a little more fall off the bone and had just a slight tang.  It must have been the hot pepper sauce I added to the rub.  Mark’s were a little more juicy due to a thicker cut of ribs.  Mine disappeared first and I think that was due to where they were setting on the table.  We had eight people gnawing on the ribs and we had left overs.   

Not one complaint.  Hey, it was free smoked baby back ribs.

We had a good time of course………….and made some new friends.

See ya…..

Friday, March 7, 2014

Tom Sawyer Thing

Time to install the K & N Air Filter.  I really didn’t want to but had to of course.  I can really surprise myself doing things but it’s always hard to start.  I’m a procrastinator to the max.  But, once I start, I go until it’s done.  I had a K & N filter on the Newmar and really liked it.  Easy to clean the filter.  This one is ass backwards.  I have to remove the whole filter box to remove the filter and clean it.  The Newmar K & N was just remove a wing nut and out popped the filter.  This one I have to remove the entire box assembly…oh well.  Each time I clean it, I save about $180 for a new one.  It took me 2 1/2 hours to remove the old one and install the K & N.  I will store the old one for what ever the reason.  Next time I think I can do it under an hour.

It drops to the bottom and is behind all those cables/wires and friggin clamps for it.DSC_0001-001 DSC_0002-001

Then I took the mud flap off since I was really dirty anyhow.  I wanted to raise it up higher.  It turned out I didn’t have the parts to make it happen so I reinstalled it.  O.K. I’m done working under the rig.

Next was the new CB.  I took the CB apart (lid off) and turned a few screws to make it a little stronger.  I read about the adjustments on the internet for this CB so it must be true.  I checked out all the parts and got ready to install but didn’t.  I didn’t want to over work myself.  I might give others an impression of what I can really do.  Remember that Tom Sawyer thing.  How about Tim Allen.

I got some ribs out to smoke for tomorrow.  I will try to make them just about fall off the bone and just the right flavor.  A few of us are going over Mark’s to drink some of his home brew beer too.  He has that mastered.

See ya…..

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ribs & Moore Ribs

Lisa & Jim Koca, the Escapees HOP Director (her) and SMART Weigh Advisor (him) arrived at the park here in Livingston.  I immediately invited them for some smoked baby back ribs.  I also invited Wayne & Beth Roberts, retired Escapade Directors.  I have 4 slabs of baby back ribs that I’m gonna try 3 different rubs/cooking procedures.  Yes, I needed guinea pigs.  Mark might even show up for a test bite.

Here’s where I got the smoker until it warms up.  DSC_0004 The cold temps and wind made the location necessary.  I’ve never done 4 screen racks plus not this many ribs.  All a first.

I got 1 hot rub rack, 2 normal rub (what ever normal is) and 1 with BBQ sauce.  DSC_0003 DSC_0007 Last time I smoked them for 3 hrs, then two hrs in foil (no smoke) then the last hour out of foil and smoking all at 225 degrees.  This time was different.DSC_0008

AND the results were……………….so so.  Mark and I decided that the rub was right on this time but I had lost the fall off the bone texture.  The other testers all agreed that they were delicious.  Hey, when the ribs are free you have to say something nice.  Mark & I are going for perfection or damn close to it.

Some people are real special.DSC_0010

Lisa fell and broke her shoulder about 10 days ago.  No sling but surgery to insert some metal stuff.DSC_0012

Jim is doing everything for her to speed up her recovery time of about 5-6 months.  Hey, I wonder how the bathing part goes  %&^*(!@)&?>!!!!!

That’s Wayne and Beth hiding in the corner.DSC_0011

Jim was getting tired and fell asleep.  Then he started to snore.  I guess it’s all those “special” showers.DSC_0013

So tomorrow (Fri) I start getting ready for more smoking on Saturday then to Mark’s to try some of his smoking and more of mine.

See ya……….