Friday, March 7, 2014

Tom Sawyer Thing

Time to install the K & N Air Filter.  I really didn’t want to but had to of course.  I can really surprise myself doing things but it’s always hard to start.  I’m a procrastinator to the max.  But, once I start, I go until it’s done.  I had a K & N filter on the Newmar and really liked it.  Easy to clean the filter.  This one is ass backwards.  I have to remove the whole filter box to remove the filter and clean it.  The Newmar K & N was just remove a wing nut and out popped the filter.  This one I have to remove the entire box assembly…oh well.  Each time I clean it, I save about $180 for a new one.  It took me 2 1/2 hours to remove the old one and install the K & N.  I will store the old one for what ever the reason.  Next time I think I can do it under an hour.

It drops to the bottom and is behind all those cables/wires and friggin clamps for it.DSC_0001-001 DSC_0002-001

Then I took the mud flap off since I was really dirty anyhow.  I wanted to raise it up higher.  It turned out I didn’t have the parts to make it happen so I reinstalled it.  O.K. I’m done working under the rig.

Next was the new CB.  I took the CB apart (lid off) and turned a few screws to make it a little stronger.  I read about the adjustments on the internet for this CB so it must be true.  I checked out all the parts and got ready to install but didn’t.  I didn’t want to over work myself.  I might give others an impression of what I can really do.  Remember that Tom Sawyer thing.  How about Tim Allen.

I got some ribs out to smoke for tomorrow.  I will try to make them just about fall off the bone and just the right flavor.  A few of us are going over Mark’s to drink some of his home brew beer too.  He has that mastered.

See ya…..