Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ribs & Margaritas

Do I need to say more except this must be the place.  No pictures because I was too lazy, thoughtless and my fingers were too greasy at Mark’s place.

Mark and I were the scientists and we had guinea pigs to test our smoked baby back ribs on.  The test was a success.  Nobody died or got sick.  We were on the money with the ribs.  We both tried a little variation in smoking them.  Mine came out a little more fall off the bone and had just a slight tang.  It must have been the hot pepper sauce I added to the rub.  Mark’s were a little more juicy due to a thicker cut of ribs.  Mine disappeared first and I think that was due to where they were setting on the table.  We had eight people gnawing on the ribs and we had left overs.   

Not one complaint.  Hey, it was free smoked baby back ribs.

We had a good time of course………….and made some new friends.

See ya…..