Sunday, March 30, 2014

Friends Traveling On

At 6:45 AM I was up and about.  I went out to the Jeep and it sprouted a hood ornament.  DSC_0002-001 Thank you Bill & Jan Mains (billandjanrvingthe  It seems like we just couldn’t get together too much the last week or so.

It was off to Denny’s.   How many men does it take to check the tire pressure on a motorhome?  DSC_0001 It should be done before the sun heats up the tires on one side.  This way you can set them up to the same pressure on each side.  We picked up the wives and went to Carl Jr’s for breakfast.  Low and behold who did we pick up along the way but Kelly and Walt Gunn.  We had trouble getting together in the evenings so why not breakfast before they pull out this morning.  Here’s the good side….DSC_0002

And here’s the bad side….. or is it the other way around.DSC_0003

What service at Carl’s Jr.DSC_0004

Wow, we saw our friends arrive and now they are leaving.  We’re not.  What’s up with that?

This was one of the few times that we did not get involved in the activities that were going on like wood carving, beading, dinners, outings, etc..   It’s nice being bliss to what's going on around you  sometimes.  Friends had things to do with their related activity friends and we weren’t involved most of the time.  No big get togethers, just little personal ones for us.  You know, that was cool.  It turned out to be our down time and we enjoyed it.

Here’s something we ran across.  It’s a……DSC_0008

NASCAR…Dale Jr came in third.  Wow, did I predict that yesterday  or what.

Denny & Susie invited us over for soup for dinner.  It was pretty good.  Then it was time to go up for the ice cream social.  They all went but I just didn’t  feel like it so I didn’t.DSC_0001-001

We sold “things” out of the shed this last week and made about $750.  $600 for the 2,000 watt Honda generator was the bigee of course.  Fuel for the Baby! 

This week starting Tuesday after our Freightliner appointment in Chandler, we have no plans for Tuesday thru Thursday nights.  Maybe the Tempe Elks.  Any thoughts out there, preferably the cheap I mean frugal ones? 

Friday we will attend the Escapees Chapter 32 rally at Cave Creek Rec Area.  Come on out if you have no plans.  You don’t have to be a Chapter 32 member and not even an Escapee for the first time or so.

See ya….