Monday, March 17, 2014

Blowing In The Wind

Nice song but it wasn’t a nice day for a drive yesterday (Sunday).  Four hours of rain and a head wind that made me grip the steering wheel tight all day long.  It was the hardest 400 miles that I’ve ever driven I think.   It pooped me out.  We got fuel in Sonora, Tx at $3.79.  Fuel mileage dropped down to 7.7 MPG.  Plus the power steering reservoir is leaking about a 1/2 ounce every 100 miles.  It has leaked since new.  I just put a new gasket on the lid and evidently that didn’t fix it.  So the Baby and the Jeep are very dirty from the rain plus the Jeep and everything back there has power steering fluid on it.

We spent the night at Sonora Caverns just off I-10 a few miles.  We’ve stayed here before.  The sites aren’t pretty but for $20 (E/W) and away from I-10 it’s worth it.  Plenty of ground birds for the cat to watch.

Monday is suppose to be more friggin head winds but sunny.   The Baby spent a lot of time yesterday in 5th gear and even had to shift to 4th up most hills on I-10.  It was a strong head wind.   I watched the engine temperature gauge constantly.

We aren’t really sure what we are doing at this point.  We might by pass Sharon & Don’s (Benson) Tuesday and head for Chandler (Phoenix) Freightliner.  This would put us within striking range of Congress by Jeep if need be.  We are still planning to be in Congress Wednesday with the Baby and all.  Worse case is that we might have to go back to Freightliner to finish the repair.  I think the reservoir lid is not screwed on all the way maybe or the tank is warped thus can’t get a seal with the lid.  I guess it’s above my pay grade.

See ya……