Monday, March 3, 2014

25 Degrees In Livingston TX

It’s 6:30 AM and it’s firggin 25 degrees outside.  Our water tried to freeze up but didn’t.  We had two small electric heaters on low last night that kept the baby at 55 degrees inside.  This morning I turned them up to high and turned the rig’s LP heating system to 67.  I have the after market LP heater stored down below because I didn’t think we would be using it for awhile.  This cold is unusual for Livingston anytime much less March.

I’m going to smoke some baby back ribs today.  Never done baby back ribs.  Yepper, going for it.  The Bradley Smoker is all put away in the barn but I can get it out pretty easy.  I think I will use it the barn rather outside on the porch.  The smoke does the barn some good I think by getting rid of that storage smell.  I’m going to use a 3 – 2 –1 method of cooking the ribs.

We had another couple asked to be removed from our Loosey Goosey list going to Alaska due to cancer.  Wish you all well and we will put you down for first to join next time.

People if you are thinking about going to Alaska, do it NOW.  Stop finding reasons for not going.  Later on the reasons will become bigger and they will find you.  If you are thinking about going full time do it NOW!  As we all know, life will not wait for you.  As each year goes by it will become more and more difficult for MANY reasons.  If you want to make so complicated that you can’t do something, so be it.  Otherwise, do it NOW!  Oh by the way, my Mom wanted to full time (solo) years ago and she did. She’s glad NOW that she did because she can’t anymore. She had a blast those few years.  She wishes she started earlier.

We moved my Mom to her new Assisted Living residence in nearby Woodville, TX last Friday.  So far she really likes it and the people to include the staff too.  It just might be what she’s been hoping for.  We will go see her again Wednesday and take some of her gardening stuff. 

Tuesday we will take the Mariner down to Houston for an oil/filter change where we bought it in 2010.  We are really going down south to pick up the power steering gasket for the Baby at Freightliner.  It’s suppose to be in Monday. 

See ya…….