Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ribs & Moore Ribs

Lisa & Jim Koca, the Escapees HOP Director (her) and SMART Weigh Advisor (him) arrived at the park here in Livingston.  I immediately invited them for some smoked baby back ribs.  I also invited Wayne & Beth Roberts, retired Escapade Directors.  I have 4 slabs of baby back ribs that I’m gonna try 3 different rubs/cooking procedures.  Yes, I needed guinea pigs.  Mark might even show up for a test bite.

Here’s where I got the smoker until it warms up.  DSC_0004 The cold temps and wind made the location necessary.  I’ve never done 4 screen racks plus not this many ribs.  All a first.

I got 1 hot rub rack, 2 normal rub (what ever normal is) and 1 with BBQ sauce.  DSC_0003 DSC_0007 Last time I smoked them for 3 hrs, then two hrs in foil (no smoke) then the last hour out of foil and smoking all at 225 degrees.  This time was different.DSC_0008

AND the results were……………….so so.  Mark and I decided that the rub was right on this time but I had lost the fall off the bone texture.  The other testers all agreed that they were delicious.  Hey, when the ribs are free you have to say something nice.  Mark & I are going for perfection or damn close to it.

Some people are real special.DSC_0010

Lisa fell and broke her shoulder about 10 days ago.  No sling but surgery to insert some metal stuff.DSC_0012

Jim is doing everything for her to speed up her recovery time of about 5-6 months.  Hey, I wonder how the bathing part goes  %&^*(!@)&?>!!!!!

That’s Wayne and Beth hiding in the corner.DSC_0011

Jim was getting tired and fell asleep.  Then he started to snore.  I guess it’s all those “special” showers.DSC_0013

So tomorrow (Fri) I start getting ready for more smoking on Saturday then to Mark’s to try some of his smoking and more of mine.

See ya……….