Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let’s Get Moving

Wednesday Freightliner opened at 7 AM.  I was there of course.  I told the service writers I didn’t like being screwed by their shift yesterday nor their night shift.  At 7:30 we were in the shop and two techs were working on the baby.  Less than 15 minutes later it was diagnosed that I needed a power steering reservoir and a driver info display board unit.  All gauges frozen. DSC_0076

How friggin hard was that.  The parts would be in about 12:30.  The display unit part came in and 10 minutes later it was installed.  The tech checked for fault codes and none were found.  Everything worked fine.  I was told that the reservoir would take anywhere from 7 days to two months but probably closer to the two months.  Freightliner did not have the part available in their system anywhere I was told.  The manufacture would have to be contacted and then actually  would have to manufacture the part.  I called Freightliner HELP line.  Told them the story from when we bought the rig it was leaking then and so forth.  They wanted to talk to the dealer so I walked my phone inside and they talked to the service department.  Freightliner told them what to do.  The part will be here tomorrow or Friday.  How friggin hard was that?  Now that’s service.  This dealership just won’t put in the effort to take care of a customer.  If you don’t say anything they walk all over you.  Sorry, been there done that.  Total cost so far $918.21 but we are under warranty of course.  We left about 2 PM and arrived at North Ranch about 3:30.  We went over Denny & Susie to share stories (ours mostly).  Later we all went to Carl’s Jr along with Kelly & Walt for dinner.  It was great being back in the saddle again driving and being with “old friends” (except Kelly-she’s a baby).

Carol has been taking pictures ever since we left and I have been receiving poo for not putting them on the blog.  Here we go starting from Livingston.DSC_0001

In Houston this big rig accident happened in the construction zone right in front of us.  The crane just happened to be there already.  Yes it was windy.  We were among the very first on scene.DSC_0006

Next accident down the road and again among the first on scene.  Winds are strong.DSC_0014


First nightDSC_0021

The cat loves it here but wants to go outside for some reason.DSC_0027


Didn’t get a very good picture but a pick up rolled with this utility trailer.  Yep, strong winds and stupid drivers don’t mix.DSC_0042

On down the road…..DSC_0045 DSC_0050


And we are here some 1,300 miles later.DSC_0072

That’s it folks.

See ya……….