Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Poo Poo

Here’s another reason not to pick a site under a tree.  One evening is all it took.  These birds must have had some of my chili for sure.DSC_0001

I took it to the $5 car wash.  One time thru didn’t get it all.  I got a second wash for free.  Then it rained of course but we didn’t park under that tree again.

Today we got a Hamilton Beach coffee pot from WalMart via UPS.  Greg White made us do it.  We’ve (I) been waiting to get this for a while now.  Plus we got the 2 year warranty…what the hell.  Now I can use those little K cups and Carol can drink her pot a day.DSC_0002

We also got my CB and all the parts to install it.  Plus the K&N Filter which is gonna be a bear to install.  And I got a battery for my 5 year old laptop.  It was under $20 and that’s what I wanted.  The old battery would only last about 5 minutes on a good day. 

So the only thing that got installed was the coffee pot and the battery.  Hey it was the easiest to do and I was inside.  I need a 1/2 of a sunny day for the air filter and another 1/2 day for the CB.  Plus I need a SWR meter to tune in the adjustable antennae.  Plenty of time….I will wait for a lot better weather for sure.