Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Full Of Air & More Ribs Of Course

I wanted all my tires to have air sensors on them and working.  I finally figured out that one tire on the Jeep and one tire on the Baby had bad sensors.  I used three of the sensors that Larry Forbes sent me.  One was bad and that’s OK.  I now have all the Baby’s tires within 2 lbs of each other.  Considering I have an air gauge on the Sears tire pumper upper, on the air gauge of the hose, a hand air gauge and the Pressure Pro monitoring system I would say I’m A OK.  I carry about 105 lbs pressure in all my RV Tires.  For the weight/air chart is says 100 lbs and the sidewalls say 110 psi max.  The outside temp is 60 degrees and the sun is not out.  I’m on the money.  The Jeep I now have 30 lbs in all four.  I have been carrying 36 lbs for about 4 K miles and they are starting to show over inflation. I have lowered them to 30 lbs for a softer ride especially being around Livingston so long.  When we get to Dawson Creek I will lower them to about 26 lbs or so.  This is all based on my many years with heavy vehicles.  You do what you want.  I would say get your rig loaded and weighed first, then make decisions.  Yes, the Escapees Smart Weigh program.

I started the prep for the baby back ribs.  Here they are ready for the smoker.DSC_0003 

After two hours at 225 degrees they look like this. DSC_0004 

I then foil them up and they go back into the smoker for another 2 hours.

After that I removed the foil and they go back for one more hour.

Then Happy Happy Happy guinea pigs.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007

Greg and Jan White came over from the TTN Conroe park to try the ribs.  I bribed them to come over.  Next time I don’t think I will have to at all.  I smoked two racks and you know they actually left about a half of rack.  They ate so much they couldn’t move for about 2 hours.  I don’t believe guests leaving hungry no matter what Carol & I cook.  Mission accomplished.  We have never gotten to really set down with Greg and Jan and we are glad we got the opportunity to.  It was fun and we will do it again for sure.

I asked them if they wanted to come back again and they started slobbering and stuttering.  I took that as a yes.  Maybe I will let them try my smoked pulled pork butt that I think I have mastered.  They got to do something about that slobbering though.

Greg took a lookie look at my computer.  I had a small problem and in no time he fixed it.  Of course he was still slobbering so I had to clean the keyboard.

Thanks guys, it was really fun.

Welcome back Ed Kruty.  I could have done the same surgery as the doc’s.

See ya……