Saturday, March 22, 2014


It was Denny Orr’s birthday and Ed & Sandy’s Wedding anniversary today, Friday.  At our ages we have usually bought everything we need or want and can afford.  So what do you get these people, if anything.  Well, food always works.  We went to a store and just looked around.  It was an easy buy.  The store was Dollar General of course.  We buy gifts from the heart and not our pocket book.  So Denny got a box of prunes, spam, spam spread, and so on.  I think you get the idea.  That evening we went to his house for his very small birthday party.  Denny really got a kick out of his gifts.  Hey, if it brings a smile the missions is accomplished.

Ed & Sandy were out for dinner with their card playing buddies.  They didn’t get their special toys for newly weds of 15/16 years(?).  They will have to wait.

Earlier we went to the title company to get things set up for our closing date for our lot.  What a farce.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a job that you get paid for doing and that you even sell insurance for doing that job and get paid for that too.  What a friggin rip.  We learned some expensive lessons after we signed the contract in dealing with Pioneer Title Company here in Wickenburg.  It’s like we got the rest of the story afterwards.  I told them what I thought of their business tactics too…of course.  There’s goes my blood pressure……

It’s like in the old days when you bought a car/RV and there were no such things as document fee or a prep free or now with RVs we will stick you ever which way we can fee.  When I deal with car or RV dealers I tell them I don’t want to hear of those things and that my offers include all their BS and no additional fees other than required federal, state or county.  They try hard to add that other stuff but I will refuse and always refer to “I said to include all their “fees” in any price quotes.”  Now real estate is a new game for me.  I’m a quick learner and already paid the price but squealed like a pig all the way to the butcher block.

See ya……