Friday, March 28, 2014

Full Timers Jello Schedule

Our travel plans changed several times today.  It started when I called Freightliner and asked if my part was in.  “Yes.  It came in two days ago.”  then I asked why I wasn’t called like I was promised.  I got some stuttering and then I said never mind let’s set up an appointment.   We agreed 10 AM Tuesday and was promised that I wouldn’t get screwed again like our first visit.  OKkkkkkkk..we will see. 

Thus we have decided when we leave Tuesday for  Freightliner we will not return to North Ranch. We will go to Escapees Chapter 32 rally just north of Phoenix on 4 April. In other words we will be heading North to Alaska. No more right or left turns. Slow but straight up.  Now what we do between 1 April and start of the rally on 4 April is unknown.  Maybe we will go pester Nick & Terry near Apache Junction. 

Next I went over Denny’s to see if I could supervisor the removing of his belt drive and check it out from all the water the other day.  That big cover there is what we took off.  I couldn’t take pictures during because my hands got greasy some how.  It was fine.   DSC_0004

BUT he had broke a front sway bar.  A broken rear sway bar caused my major accident last year.  It’s broke – no more ATVing till next year for Denny.  It’s the two black holes you see that are suppose to be together. DSC_0003 

Here’s our site that we use just about every square foot of.DSC_0005

These people really pack it in.  I don’t think I could RV like that.DSC_0006

Here’s the road to Yarnell that is on top of that mountain.  Denny/Susie and usins are going for ribs up there.  DSC_0007


It’s the American Legion and they open it up to guests on Friday nights for diner.  DSC_0008

Here’s what 9 bucks will get you.  Pretty dog on good and the price was real good for ribs. DSC_0009 DSC_0010

Then on the way back we saw Joe & Jan Tenpenny’s car at a restaurant.  Of course we had to pull in.  Dennis & Pat Swan were with them.  They’re fish & chips looked real good.DSC_0015


We got back to our place and Denny & Susie stayed for awhile to see if we could fix any of the world problems.  Nope but we did talk a lot about cats.  Denny helped me get rid of some of that extra booze we have.

Tomorrow I have to really start getting the Polaris ATV ready for storage.  That will take care of the morning.  I guess the rest of the day I will rest.  Maybe take care of a “honey do” thing or two.

See ya…..