Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nice Day For A Drive

Nice day for a drive To Arizona which is about 1,300 miles West.  OK folks hang on.  As you read this we’ve left Livingston, TX and are headed for Congress, AZ.   Friday we got “the call”.  Our lot in Congress sold.  We made a verbal agreement over the phone with a fellow SKP.  This deal will get us out of debt some.  Thank goodness.

It has taken us two days (Fri/Sat) to get things taken care of here.  I won’t even bore you with the details other than to say, WOW it was mostly the little stuff.  Glad I had already installed the K&N air filter and the gasket for the power steering unit on the Baby.  I washed the Mariner, Jeep and the Baby between heavy rain.  Whew did it down pour.  The Baby had a lot of road grime still on it from our trip out here a few weeks ago from AZ.  We came out then to get my Mom all situated.  Now we are going back to get our lot all situated.  Do you see a trend here yet?

Frank & Gloria King stopped by Saturday evening.  They will be coming over and staying on our lot for awhile.  I think Frank is going to take singing lessons while here.  Inside fun.  You have to know Frank.

Since it’s Sunday we are doing what our two GPS systems (Garmin/Rand McNally) are telling us to do.  Go thru downtown Houston to Interstate 10 and hang a right.  We haven’t done that in about seven years or so.  We learned are lesson back then not to do that again.  Let’s see if we have to relearn it again.  It’s a 1,300 mile journey and we have no planned stops.   Maybe a day or two at Sharon & Don’s.  They’re gonna be near 80 degrees the next few days.  Yea… We have reservations at the Escapees park, North Ranch in Congress, AZ starting Wednesday.  Pelly’s Campground was full.  We are not making it a speed trip but we aren’t stopping to smell too many roses along the way.