Thursday, March 27, 2014

On The Road Again – NOT!

Well, I must be bored.  I tried to down load Goggle Maps and got in all sorts of trouble.  Then I tried to delete it.  Oppps.  Then I back dated the start up on my computer.  Then I lost Picasa which is an organizer for my pictures.  I’m so far behind the power curve with computers is why I very seldom do any type of updates or new programs.  I’m almost back to where I started now so I will make do.  I try not to touch my computer except for the basics which are pictures and blogs basically.  Oh yea, Streets & Trips of course.

We are done with the paperwork with the Lot.  The buyers now own it.  We still have a few things to get out of the shed which are ATV related.  That will happen just before we leave when ever that might be.  We’re kinda in a limbo until the power steering leak is fixed.  Can’t go too far because it would probably upset the Freightliner part system if we said to ship it somewhere else for repairs.  Maybe they got the same kind of computer I got.

We’re starting to get that ‘itch” to move on……anywhere…. I need to dust the “Baby” and shine it wheels.  I need to wash, wax the Jeep and put some Aerospace protectant on the black plastic parts.  I still have some power steering fluid on the orange pumpkin.

Get this, Carol wants a cordless saws all power tool.  We went to Harbor Freight, Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart.  None of them had just the saw with battery/charger.  They want wanted to sell just the tool, then the battery, then the charger.  No kits unless you wanted other power towels.  I just sold the “other” power tools because I didn’t use them.  No rush.

Back to where and when we leave here.  Not 100% sure.  It changes about everyday.  Looks like next Friday and that a maybe…probably.  That will take us to a Chapter 32 rally in Northern Phoenix about 100 miles.  If not that, maybe set here in Congress another few days and go to TTN Verde Valley.  Full timing is such a hard life of decisions isn’t it.  Where do we want to travel to next!

Oh, here’s an usual problem we have.   We got way too much booze to take across the border of Canada.  My half gallon of Captain Morgan, Carol’s two bottles of Amaretto and Baileys.  Then we have another two bottles of Mexican Kahlua.  That takes care of “most” of the hard stuff.  Then we got beer.  Need I say more.  Wait a minute..I think I got a bunch of drunks knocking at our door.

See ya………