Saturday, February 28, 2015

It’s A Blowing Around Here

The wind….and the palm trees can take it.DSC_0002

Here’s our site…. We fit fine and I can take the trike in and out with no problem.DSC_0001

The storm is coming.DSC_0004

Here she is now reorganizing.DSC_0009

DSC_0008 DSC_0007

Hey, I’m getting ready for a trip so I got a handy dandy pouch, GPS and bottle holder all within reach.DSC_0011

Then there is the luggage to carry all the other essentials. DSC_0013 DSC_0015

Rear compartment still has easy access.  The front wall has some stuff that I will be taking.

See ya….

Friday, February 27, 2015

Tenting It – not yet!

Sunny and windy today so I went for a motorcycle ride.  I took the long way around with no interstate.  The Tucson Harley dealer is located on the NW side of town.  I did a walk around and left.  Now where?  I decided to go to the Pima County Fairgrounds back on the other side of town and SE.  When I got there I parked at Mark Hall’s rig who came out immediately.  I was there long enough for him to slobber all over the trike.  The he sat on it and I think he left a wet spot.  As I was leaving the fairgrounds via the front gate Lisa & Jim Koca were coming in.  Boy was there rig dirty.

I went back home and put the trike in the garage on our site.  We got to move into a FHU (50 AMP $20 this morning.  I even wiggled and got the bike trailer on our site.

I got my tent delivered from Amazon.  Pretty good since I ordered it Wednesday.  Screw Cabelas.  Here’s some pics…. DSC_0002-001 DSC_0001-001

It took Carol and I thirty minutes to put it up.  Carol asked me what I would do when she’s not around.  I replied, “Put it up faster.”  There went some brownie points. DSC_0004-001

The rain cover is orange.  No hidden campsites for this boy.DSC_0006-001 DSC_0007-001 She left and it took me 20 minutes to take it down and put it back in the bag.

For dinner we went to Golden Corral.  It’s been about two years since our last visit.  I feel skinny when I go in there.  They’re are a lot of plus size people in there for sure.  I think I counted 6 skinny (normal) people.  the food was good all things considered.  I only had two plates which included two steaks, onions, shrimp and mushrooms.

Wind and rain is coming this way.  The wind got here today.

See ya…….

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flying High

After saying our good byes we left about 8:30 AM for our 200 mile trip.  It was an easy drive.  I was surprised how heavy traffic was thru Phoenix but doable.  It was nice being back in the driver seat going down the road.  Towing the Jeep and the motorcycle trailer was no problem what’s so ever.  The wheels of the trailer tracked (followed) very well even better than I thought they would.  Round abouts were no problem.

We arrived at Davis Monthan AFB about noon.DSC_0001

We checked in at the FamCamp and we were third on the list to get a full hook up.  We will get one tomorrow.  They sent us to the overflow.  Hey, this overflow was like a regular very large site it just didn’t have any hook ups.  It was nice.  We were greeted by an air show of some type.  The old and new.DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0016

What it was about no idea.  No ads for it or the near future.  I guess the fly boys just having fun.

The trailer found a nice place to be.  They're two bikes in the background.DSC_0015

It got up to 81 degrees both in and out of the rig.  All three of us (cat too) sat outside and enjoyed the shade under the awning.

It’s suppose to start raining Saturday so I will try and get some riding in today (Friday) maybe.

See ya…………

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On the Road Again - Almost

Yesterday I went back to that Mexican restaurant in Wickenburg about my bill.  After a few minutes of going over the bill they concluded it was wrong.  No apologies just $15 in cash.  They were nice about it though.

Sad Note.  Walt & Kellie's dog, Abby, of nice years has passed on.  I think a lot of us have had similar feelings when we have lost a family pet member.  Carol & I remember the funny times that they all have brought us.   Good night little doggie… happy trails.

I got the trike and trailer all situated for our Thursday trip to Tucson.  Checked the tire pressures and put up the jacks.  Ed turned it around with his Rhino so I could hitch up to the Jeep.  Inside it’s just a matter of using four straps to tie the trike down and making sure nothing moves around in the trailer.  I put some “stuff” in it.  It won’t damage the trike even if the stuff moves around.

Checked the RV tire pressures.  One was down due to a tire monitor leaking.  Ed removed the monitor when I was gone.  I finished filling the tire up to meet the other tire pressures.  It’s been below 40 degrees the last few mornings so all of the pressures were down to about 102 lbs.  In 55-60 degree weather I have all of them about 108-110 lbs which is their max.  I can’t really tell the ride difference of 10 lbs so why not be  safer and fill them up to their max.

Washing the rig… It just didn’t happen… for many reasons but the real truth is that I just didn’t feel like it.

Carol made some killer biscuits and gravy yesterday.  For those that remember Bob and Betty Bears biscuit & gravy, this was right up there with theirs.  Great job!  (brownie points)

I called Cabela’s and cancelled my order with them.  Eight days is enough time and they couldn’t deliver.  I cancelled their credit card too.  Don’t want to deal with them anymore.  I ordered the item (tent) from Amazon and will have it delivered Friday.  Facts speak for themselves.

I emptied out our tanks and disconnected our water.  That’s harder to do in the AM in 40 degree weather so I do it the day before.  No bigee.

We had dinner at Ed & Sandy’s.  We sat around afterwards and talked about some of our family (kids) RVing adventures.  It was great.

Well,  we’re back on the road tomorrow.  We got 200 miles to Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson.  I called their campground and they said we would have to go to overflow ($9) for one night probably.  They don’t take reservations and they’re pretty full.  They have about 200 FHU sites.

See ya….

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flowers For My Honey


It’s been too long since I got flowers for my honey so today was the day.  I need the brownie points too!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Walt Is Drooling Again

We got the motorcycle in the garage (trailer).  The chairs are away and the awning is in and we don’t have to move ….let it rain..let it rain … and it did most of the day.

Guess what Ed and I picked up at the Post office this morning?  My motorcycle rain suit.  I don’t have to wear it yet.  Plus I got a luggage carrier for the bike.  It’s mobile in that I can take it off the bike real quick to take it my tent or hotel room.  I know … I know .. tenting at 66 years old, yea right.  Hey, I’m a retired Marine and have slept in sand, mud and snow so I do have experience.   Maybe I should stay in a hotel room then!  This all has to do with a 2,000 mile motorcycle trip next month.  No, Carol says she’s not going.  I can’t even imagine why not.  I will give you my opinions of these motorcycle items and others in the near future.

It was a rainy day off and on and I got my To Do List updated with things I should get done before we leave Thursday.  Key word is “should.”

I ordered today some “stuff” from Amazon like a handlebar GPS mount, a handlebar drink holder and a pair of chaps.  Plus another important item that I’ve already forgotten what it was.  You know, important stuff.  I blame the rain for me ordering this “stuff”.  Oh yea, rain covers for boots/shoes to go along with that rain suit I received today in the mail.  This stuff is suppose to be here Wednesday.  That’s funny.  Plus I got a small tent coming into Cabela’s this week.  It was ordered last Tuesday.  If it’s not in by Wednesday, I will have to cancel that order.  They really don’t care or they would have it delivered to their store within a week.  It’s coming from Utah.

For dinner we went to the “El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant” on Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg.  We met Ed & Sandy Kruty and Walt & Kellie Gunn there.  I think the food wasn’t all that great but a lot of people do.  The service was no where to be found after the food was delivered.  I had to waive at the bartender to get us another drink.  Anyhow, my bill was wrong. I questioned the waitress about it and she just about blew me off.  I will return when they are slow and ask why my bill was $13 higher than it should have been.  Of course no break down of actual cost per item was given.  It’s on my list of things To Do List.

The conversation was great as it is always with this group.  We were there a long time and when Walt started to drool it was time to leave.  He didn’t bring his bib.  If we don’t harass Walt he thinks some thing is wrong.  Walt & Kellie are leaving tomorrow for the Good Sam Rally down in Goodyear, AZ.  They will be in a booth for the Amazon Work Force.  Happy tail wags with Abby (their dog).   Abby is having some trouble.  You have to remember she’s older than Walt in dog years and doesn't even drool yet.  Good Luck guys!

See ya…….

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nice Route

Carol & I started the day off by eating breakfast at the Spur.  It’s a MaPa daugther place that does a nice little business.  Sometimes you have to wait for a table.  They only do breakfast and lunch and then they rest.  Prices are very competitive.

We got back to the rig and Carol said she was going Line Dancing.  So I decided to got for a little trike ride.  Like in 315 miles as it turned out.  The weather was predicting in the low 60s with over cast, windy and even rain later this evening.  The clouds were abound here but not over west .  I headed west and was well dressed except for rain.

I took Route 89 N to Congress then a left on Route 71 to Parker with a stop in Bouse which was one of General Patton's training areas.DSCN0631  DSCN0629

Ed you shouldn’t have put Sandy’s name on that tank.DSCN0630

I continued on to Parker.  I had lunch at Burger King In Parker.  You know, those 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49 and a senior soda.  I then went across the Colorado River into California.  I turned West on to route 62 towards 29 Palms.  Then out in the middle of the dessert I realized something. DSCN0636 I was approaching the point of no return on fuel.  I stopped and broke out the GPS.  I couldn’t make it to 29 Palms on my remaining fuel.  I just had enough fuel to make it back to Parker.  Should I gamble and hope for a gas station ahead or return.   I returned to Parker.  No sense it making to much of an adventure.  I fueled up in Parker and yes I would not have made it to 29 Palms, not even close.  I took a different route back home.  I took Route 95 South to Quartzsite.  The RV Parks were about 75% filled.  The BLM lands had some but not many RVs on them.  The big tent was down and a lot of the vendors were gone.  I picked up I-10 and headed East.  Since I was passed the break in mileage on the Harley I opened it a bit.  I cruised at about 75-80 MPH with some spurts even faster.  The trike handle better than I thought it would.  I do need and will soften the ride a bit via the air suspension.  I then picked up Route 60 to Route 71 back to Congress.  It was 315 miles.  Even though it was very windy almost the entire way it was a nice sunny ride.  The bike did very well and so did the rider.  I’m physically ready for the 2,000 mile 10 day trip next month with Mark.  I’m not equipment ready quite yet.  I got a tent in route and a luggage bag in route.  I really need some chaps, a sleeping mat, handlebar cup holder and a handlebar GPS holder.  Maybe throw in a half helmet due to the heavy winds off the windshield.  It actually pulled my face shield up several times today because of the extra wind.  A GoPro video camera would top it off but that will have to wait probably.

I got back about 4:30 PM and it looked like rain any minute.  It did about 2 hours or so later.  Denny & Susie came over to visit.  We each jaw jacked about our plans for the summer.  Sounds like our paths might not cross for the remainder of the year.  BUT you never know with full time RVers and their jello plans.

I had NASCAR recorded.  It was an outstanding race with no major accidents.  Top notch drivers.

It’s raining heavy now as I get ready to send this the next morning (Monday).  The chairs are away and the trike is in it’s garage.

See ya……

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Piddle Paddle

A do not much day.  Weather  is pretty good.  today it was in the upper 60’s and then later the wind kicked up and it became cool.

I put two cases of water plus some extra M/C gear in the front  of the M/C trailer to add some tongue weight.  It was very light.  I got another hitch and it has a four inch drop.  I might have to go to a five inch to get the trailer pretty level and put some tongue weight on the Jeep.  It was an estimated under 100 lbs. The Jeep’s max is 200 lbs. 

I also got the bike’s tie downs all straighten out and the way I want them.  I did have a complicated tie down system for the first trip from Texas but now it’s pretty simple.  I KISSed it.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  Plus the Harley trike has a park brake that locks the rear wheels.

Today the little boys in NASCAR raced at the Daytona 500.  Tomorrow the big boys race minus two brothers.  One was in an accident today and the other suspended for spousal abuse that happened back in September.  Why did NASCAR wait two days before the biggest race of the race year to suspend the driver.  Plus, he was never charged.  I think NASCAR over reacted due to the other sports spouse abuse case that under reacted.  Oh well, it will be dealt with above my authority.

See ya……..

Friday, February 20, 2015

For Girls Only

Yesterday after I washed the tree sap off the bike it looked really good again. DSCN0620

Here’s the inside of the bike trailer now.DSCN0619


I had a windshield guy come out and seal up the chip in the motorhome windshield.  I got the chip coming here to Congress.  Chips do happen sooner or later in a RV windshield.DSCN0627

Today the girls took the side by side ATVs out for several hours in the desert without any guys.DSCN0621

At first it was like the Keystone cops.  Which way to we go?DSCN0622

They got it together.  Notables that went were Mary Pelly and Jan Tenpenny.  How  about that!DSCN0623 DSCN0624 DSCN0625

Later that evening we all (16) went over to Joe and Jan Tenpenny and got to hear the stories during social hour.  Then we all went downtown to Ikes for dinner.  It was pretty good.

When we got back Carol & I, Walt & Kellie, Denny & Susie all gathered at Ed & Sandy’s.  We reminisced about our travels together in the times gone by.  It was nice…

See ya……..

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sleepy Day

Had a hard time saying awake today so I didn’t. I did manage to wipe down the trike with a warm soapy micro cloth.  It got all the tree sap off.  I also got some hooks and hung stuff in the cargo trailer.  Other than a little TV I slept the day away.  It came so natural too.  This was a sleepy day for me.

See ya…..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jello Reservations/Curves Galore

I made reservations for Nellis AFB Vegas for the end of May.  It’s our daughter’s college graduation and we will be there.  There’s a Thousand Trails park there but it’s usually a pretty tight campground site wise.  Probably the tightest among Thousand Trail parks.

I went ahead and made reservations from when we leave here all the way thru May.  We usually don’t but figured what the hell we might as well with all these membership parks we belong too.  Our jello schedule is in the frig and starting to get hard as us full timers sometime say.  As always, it’s subject to change and that’s OK.

I got two neat carrying bags at Cabelas yesterday.  Normally they were $24.99 each on sale for $9.99.  I had a $20 free coupon plus 5% military discount.  Total cost was 72 cents.  That’s mind kind of deal.  I will use one to carry motorcycle strap tie downs.  The other one I will put “stuff” in it.  Now Carol wants one and even Ed wants one.  Sounds like another trip to Cabelas in the near future.

Toady Carol and I rode the Harley trike thru the hills of Prescott National Forest to Prescott via route 89.  On the way back that is.  Route 89 is a twisty road thru the mountains for about 20 miles.  It has a lot of hairpin turns along with some switchbacks.  The curves are many and become very tiring in a car or a motorcycle.  Most people take the route thru Skull Valley which is a little longer route but basically a good drive when compared to route 89.  We took the Skull Valley route to Prescott.  We did an errand at the Post Office in Prescott then had lunch.  We went to Lowe’s to get some hangers for the inside of the cargo trailer.  Carol wanted some ginger snap cookies so we went to Trader’s Joe’s.  they have her favorite cookies.

Oh, at the post office I sat under a pine tree. Son of a gun if that tree didn’t drop sap all over the trike. Now I got some real tedious work ahead.

Now it was time to head back and we decided to go back via route 89 thru the mountains.  It was time to break us in on how the Harley trike would do on this treacherous but beautiful route.  I don’t plan to do it again anytime soon.  It wore me out with all the turns.  It’s actually work on a trike.  It takes more physical strength to turn a trike than a two wheel motorcycle.  Well we made it and got a lot of experience with the trike.

We got back just in time for social hour.  The gang had gone out on an ATV run so Walt could break in his new (used) Polaris RZR.  Sounds like they had a lot of fun and no break downs not even Walt this time.  I think the girls are planning to take the RZRs out this Friday.

We were in bed by 9 PM.  We were very tired from the 120 miles of mostly mountain twisty roads.

See ya.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Walt’s Day

Walter (& Kellie) got a new (used) toy today.  It’s a 2011 Polaris RZR.  He’s so proud that he tries to keep his pants up more often.DSC_0003

His first job was to pull Mary Pelly’s golf cart home after breaking down……again.DSC_0001 DSC_0002.JPG

Walt is going to really like his RZR I mean their RZR.  Kellie really likes it and has been seen driving it too.DSC_0004

We had Brats cooked on the grill with Ed & Sandy for dinner.  We sat out on their porch and watched time go by.  Looks like Carol is going to give Sandy lessons on pole dancing.  Ed is saying, “Go ahead, I'll watch.”DSCN0616

Another exciting quiet day in Congress, AZ.

See ya………….

Monday, February 16, 2015



DSCN0612 Yep, Carol & I rode the Harley trike to Bagdad.  It was a pretty nice drive.  Carol said she really enjoyed the ride too.  It’s definitely a company town.  Most the houses were the same and they all had dirty trucks in front of them.  They have a steak house there and a diner plus a big grocery store and a convenience store and a gas station.   It’s by no means a dying town.

The diner closes at 2 PM and that’s about when we got there.  Look close and you can see some kids over to the left waving at us.DSCN0614

It was about a 110 mile round trip.  The Harley got 38 miles per gallon.  I learned to use the electronic cruise control today.

Later the guys went to the movies while the girls got together and do what ever they do.  We saw the …. I forget.   Good acting and well directed I think.  It was about a POW during WW II.  I wouldn’t see it again or buy the CD.  It wasn’t that type of movie.  Basically about a man and his will to live in a POW camp.

I was contacted by a motorcycle outfit company that wants me to test some products.  OK……. There sending me about $200 worth of stuff to test and I don’t have to return them.  I ordered a rain suit and a luggage carrier for the top of the trunk.  We shall see in 3-5 days.

See ya……

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Breaking It

But first here’s a sight you don’t see to often at a gas station.  It was a camel.  No it wasn’t one of those other things.   It was a camel.  I couldn’t tell if had one hump or two.DSCN0607

Breaking it in – the new Harley that is.  Drive so many RPMs and not at any constant speed and don’t do this or that for the first 500 miles.  OK I can do this.

Carol went line dancing and I went into town (Phoenix).  I figured that was a good place to get a variety of driving speeds – the city.  I first went to Harbor Freight to get my needed 4” drop hitch.  Then I went to Stubbs Harley Davidson to see their bike museum.  Wow, 2 million dollars worth of old motorcycles.  It was awesome and worth the drive.  Nine different countries were represented by their motorcycles.  I would go back again for sure.

Then I rode up to place called Cave Creek.  Whoa… it was a motorcycle gathering.  So many bikes that you couldn’t even start to count them.  On the side of the road, in parking lots, at pubs, etc, security not letting big vehicles in parking areas, police directing traffic.  It was like a mini Sturgis for sure.  I even saw two trikes like mine.  It was slow moving and cool.  I didn’t stop.  I didn’t see any signs of being a special event or anything.  It was getting late so I headed back.  I got back at 3:45 PM just in time for social hour.  I ended up going 165 miles.  It was nice.

Social hour was over at Walt & Kellie’s.  We stayed for about 2 hours.  Walt was our entertainment.  He spilt my drink in his chair.  He had his plumber britches on too.  I guess he was proud about his moon because he kept showing everyone.  His moon looked like a pumpkin pie that had been left out in the sun and dried up and then sat on.  Walt… pull your pants up before you bend over.DSCN0609 DSCN0610

After that Carol & I went into Wickenburg for dinner.  It was kinda our Valentines dinner.  The place downtown across from the Horseshoe Cafe was gone.  The only eateries left were at the bars…no thanks.  We went to a nearby Country Kitchen.  We both had frozen chicken fired steak.  At least it wasn’t chewy.  It was fair.  The place got full and they were short of staff of course.  They said they would even hire me.  They are really hard up.

We watched part of the Saturday Night Live special (40 yrs).  That was pretty good.

See ya…….

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Here Today Gone yesterday…

Friday and I was on the road.

Well, it’s Saturday and I’m back in Congress, AZ.  It was only 1,300 miles.  I left Friday 4 AM and got back about 2 PM Saturday.  The Jeep, trailer, me and bike all did real well on the trip back.  Here are some pics after I arrived……DSC_0002 DSC_0003


You can’t tell but I’m backing it up…..DSC_0006

Somebody was really enjoying it….DSC_0013

We’re off and around the park.DSC_0014

We’re back…Carol said it was a lot more comfortable than the other one.DSC_0016

We had a nice social at Ed & Sandy’s with them, Walt & Kellie and Denny & Susie. 

I went to bet about 8 PM and slept thru to 7 AM this morning.  I guess I was a little pooped out…..

See ya…….