Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nice Route

Carol & I started the day off by eating breakfast at the Spur.  It’s a MaPa daugther place that does a nice little business.  Sometimes you have to wait for a table.  They only do breakfast and lunch and then they rest.  Prices are very competitive.

We got back to the rig and Carol said she was going Line Dancing.  So I decided to got for a little trike ride.  Like in 315 miles as it turned out.  The weather was predicting in the low 60s with over cast, windy and even rain later this evening.  The clouds were abound here but not over west .  I headed west and was well dressed except for rain.

I took Route 89 N to Congress then a left on Route 71 to Parker with a stop in Bouse which was one of General Patton's training areas.DSCN0631  DSCN0629

Ed you shouldn’t have put Sandy’s name on that tank.DSCN0630

I continued on to Parker.  I had lunch at Burger King In Parker.  You know, those 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49 and a senior soda.  I then went across the Colorado River into California.  I turned West on to route 62 towards 29 Palms.  Then out in the middle of the dessert I realized something. DSCN0636 I was approaching the point of no return on fuel.  I stopped and broke out the GPS.  I couldn’t make it to 29 Palms on my remaining fuel.  I just had enough fuel to make it back to Parker.  Should I gamble and hope for a gas station ahead or return.   I returned to Parker.  No sense it making to much of an adventure.  I fueled up in Parker and yes I would not have made it to 29 Palms, not even close.  I took a different route back home.  I took Route 95 South to Quartzsite.  The RV Parks were about 75% filled.  The BLM lands had some but not many RVs on them.  The big tent was down and a lot of the vendors were gone.  I picked up I-10 and headed East.  Since I was passed the break in mileage on the Harley I opened it a bit.  I cruised at about 75-80 MPH with some spurts even faster.  The trike handle better than I thought it would.  I do need and will soften the ride a bit via the air suspension.  I then picked up Route 60 to Route 71 back to Congress.  It was 315 miles.  Even though it was very windy almost the entire way it was a nice sunny ride.  The bike did very well and so did the rider.  I’m physically ready for the 2,000 mile 10 day trip next month with Mark.  I’m not equipment ready quite yet.  I got a tent in route and a luggage bag in route.  I really need some chaps, a sleeping mat, handlebar cup holder and a handlebar GPS holder.  Maybe throw in a half helmet due to the heavy winds off the windshield.  It actually pulled my face shield up several times today because of the extra wind.  A GoPro video camera would top it off but that will have to wait probably.

I got back about 4:30 PM and it looked like rain any minute.  It did about 2 hours or so later.  Denny & Susie came over to visit.  We each jaw jacked about our plans for the summer.  Sounds like our paths might not cross for the remainder of the year.  BUT you never know with full time RVers and their jello plans.

I had NASCAR recorded.  It was an outstanding race with no major accidents.  Top notch drivers.

It’s raining heavy now as I get ready to send this the next morning (Monday).  The chairs are away and the trike is in it’s garage.

See ya……