Thursday, February 5, 2015

3 AM ???

Wow, I got up at 3 AM and did yesterday’s blog and started on this one.  Then I did some research and searching on the web.  I even did a bid on a motorcycle trailer on EBay.  The odds are pretty good that I will win but you never know.  It’s in Texas near Dallas at a trailer dealer.  If I get it, I will save. If I don’t…no bigee….I got a 2nd one in mind.

Oh, what I started to say it’s now 6 AM.  I’m usually up for about an hour or so not 3 hours.  Good night for now.

Couldn’t sleep so I got up at 7 AM. 

Nothing happening today.  Nice cool sunny day in the 70s.  Sat outside some and watched the world go by.  I walked over to Denny & Susie’s and visited for a short.  Then it was to Walt & Kellie's to visit.  It was time to go home, no one would feed me.  No nap time either.

Just another quiet day in paradise.  Things could start to pop tomorrow.  Did I win the auction on EBay?  Then what?  Did the Harley dealer find out about an arrival/delivery date for the Freewheeler Trike?

If you are really curious as to what a Freewheeler looks like here’s a link!gallery.

See ya…………..