Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flying High

After saying our good byes we left about 8:30 AM for our 200 mile trip.  It was an easy drive.  I was surprised how heavy traffic was thru Phoenix but doable.  It was nice being back in the driver seat going down the road.  Towing the Jeep and the motorcycle trailer was no problem what’s so ever.  The wheels of the trailer tracked (followed) very well even better than I thought they would.  Round abouts were no problem.

We arrived at Davis Monthan AFB about noon.DSC_0001

We checked in at the FamCamp and we were third on the list to get a full hook up.  We will get one tomorrow.  They sent us to the overflow.  Hey, this overflow was like a regular very large site it just didn’t have any hook ups.  It was nice.  We were greeted by an air show of some type.  The old and new.DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0016

What it was about no idea.  No ads for it or the near future.  I guess the fly boys just having fun.

The trailer found a nice place to be.  They're two bikes in the background.DSC_0015

It got up to 81 degrees both in and out of the rig.  All three of us (cat too) sat outside and enjoyed the shade under the awning.

It’s suppose to start raining Saturday so I will try and get some riding in today (Friday) maybe.

See ya…………