Saturday, February 21, 2015

Piddle Paddle

A do not much day.  Weather  is pretty good.  today it was in the upper 60’s and then later the wind kicked up and it became cool.

I put two cases of water plus some extra M/C gear in the front  of the M/C trailer to add some tongue weight.  It was very light.  I got another hitch and it has a four inch drop.  I might have to go to a five inch to get the trailer pretty level and put some tongue weight on the Jeep.  It was an estimated under 100 lbs. The Jeep’s max is 200 lbs. 

I also got the bike’s tie downs all straighten out and the way I want them.  I did have a complicated tie down system for the first trip from Texas but now it’s pretty simple.  I KISSed it.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  Plus the Harley trike has a park brake that locks the rear wheels.

Today the little boys in NASCAR raced at the Daytona 500.  Tomorrow the big boys race minus two brothers.  One was in an accident today and the other suspended for spousal abuse that happened back in September.  Why did NASCAR wait two days before the biggest race of the race year to suspend the driver.  Plus, he was never charged.  I think NASCAR over reacted due to the other sports spouse abuse case that under reacted.  Oh well, it will be dealt with above my authority.

See ya……..