Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Got It!


And you thought I was getting a new one!

I woke up at 3 AM this morning (Wed).  I’m wide awake.  I guess I’m anxious about getting the trike.  What to do?

Blast from the past - last month.  Here’s Larry Leonard.  He always greets us in Alaska with a Halibut/Salmon Fish Fry at their place when we head towards Homer, AK.   Shoot me.. I forgot his lovely wife’s name.  Real neat couple.  They come down for the winter and spend it in AZ usually.  Here he is with my lovely wife (brownie points) in Quartzsite at Tyson Wells last month.DSCN0581

I was getting ready to leave for the Harley dealer and noticed the trailer tires appeared to be low.  How could that be.  While picking it up yesterday I asked the dealer about the tires and they said they just checked and aired them to 50 lbs.  They’re lips were moving.  I checked them and they were at 30 lbs.  I went over to the RV park air station and filled them up to 50 lbs.  30 lbs was OK empty but now I have the Harley Heritage in it and later will have the trike.

Got to the dealer hauling the new trailer with the Heritage in it and everything was fine.  After 2 hours at the dealer I was on my way back to Livingston.  No problems, just a lot of paperwork.  No problems on the way back.  Towing is OK.

I took the trike out and road it around.  It steers differently for sure.  Rides a little more comfortable and goes straight down the road.  Nice not to have to put a foot down at stop signs.  I still tried a couple of times.  It didn’t work too well.  Reverse is neat.

Mark came over and helped me put the Harley decal on.  Well, I helped him…one on each side.DSCN0600

After Mark left I put the trike in the barn and locked the doors which I normally don’t do.   The 1985 FL is in the background up on a lift.  It’s still resting.  DSCN0602 DSCN0603

Later I watched a movie and listen to the radio.  Hopefully I will be ready to leave late Friday morning.  I got to drain the water and turn it off and etc..

See ya……..