Monday, February 2, 2015

Next Adventure

So much is getting ready to happen.  It’s like blowing up a balloon and you know it’s going to pop.  It’s all good…kinda.  Stayed tune for the next adventure.

Today was make the Harley bike prettier.  I had some tape residue on the handlebar from when I duck taped the GPS on it.  No problem after a little gas was applied.  I had hook marks on the handlebars from the tie downs.  Mother’s Aluminum Polish took care of those.   Then I covered it back up.  I probably should load it up on the trailer tomorrow when the guys are around.

I got the Polaris RZR ready for pick up.  Not on the trailer yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  The guy and his wife came buy and said that the bank was having trouble with its computers.  He will try again tomorrow.

We went over Denny & Susie's for dinner along with Ed/Sandy, Bob/Tami and Walt/Kellie.  Mostly leftovers and some egg plant things that Kellie and Tami prepared.  They were great.

see ya…………