Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Going Going Gone

The Polaris RZR has a new owner.  It rode off into the sunset with it’s new owner.  Let the next adventure begin.

I was going to leave Wednesday morning for Livingston but the Texas Harley dealer doesn’t know when my 2015 Harley trike (Freewheeler model) will be in.  He will call me Friday with a arrival/delivery date hopefully.

I’m in the market for a 6’X10’ enclosed trailer.  If anyone happens to know of one, let me know.

Today was getting the Polaris RZR ready for pick up.  I put it on the trailer with all of it’s stuff – almost.  The stock roll bar I will deliver tomorrow just up the road on my motorcycle trailer.

For dinner we had a small gathering at Ed & Sandy’s place.  Let’s see.. Ed & Sandy, Denny & Susie, Walt & Kellie, Carol & I, plus Bob & Tami.  Bob & Tami will be leaving tomorrow for their campground in Hatch, Utah.  They have to get it ready for the season.  They were a lot of fun and hope them well.  They want to join us Old Folks again.  They can’t get over how active everyone is.  Except Walt of course.. just kidding.

I had another smoked pork ready for the event.  Sandy warmed it up for us.  I think it went over pretty good.  All the food was awesome and the company was outstanding of course.  I left the party about 7 PM.  I still haven’t recovered 100% from that bad ass flu and for some reason it picked toady to kick my ass.  Maybe it was all the meds that Carol gave me that made me sleepy.

Gotta go…sleepy time.

See ya………….