Saturday, November 30, 2013

On the Road Again

I think that phrase is one of the most popular saying with RVers especially after setting for awhile. 

We went 150 miles on red line roads today.  Red line roads are the back roads which are less traveled roads compared to the interstates.  DSC_0001-001You usually don’t see Walmarts.  But just about every town you will see Dollar General and Family Dollar stores.  DSC_0004-001Not big at all but very convenient to the locals but not to RVers.  Their parking lots are almost always just too small.  Carol found a Jeep she likes. DSC_0005-001 

Small town USA. One binky yellow lightDSC_0006

  We are at a Passport America Park called Staway Ranch. DSC_0012

near Murchison, Texas.  148 sites FHU (50 AMP cable)for $17.50.  We would stay here again.  Office and cafe…real good prices on their meals.  The campground surrounds this building.DSC_0013 DSC_0014 DSC_0015

See ya…………..

Friday, November 29, 2013

Get Your Motors Running – Almost

Ok, we got a lot accomplished today.  Too much to bore you with.  The mobile is in hibernation, the Mariner is in the barn hibernating, the lot itself has been cut and sprayed, the Baby is full of water and empty tanks.  AND only one bo bo DSC_0001 I got these real strong magnets that are for the Magna Shield which is an outside windshield shade.  I needed to get the fire retardant material on our Tow Defender rock shield.  Sewing didn’t work so I figured use these super strong magnets.DSC_0005  Every time I mess with these magnets I get bit and boy does it hurt.  This time it took a bite of skin on my best finger.  I did get the shield on finally.  You can see that the Tow Defender material had melted from the exhaust pipe.  I moved the Tow Defender back with a 12'” tow bar extension and now with the heat shield I should be good to go.  It isn’t no where as close as it looks.DSC_0003 

Tomorrow (Sat) we will be headed north (Plan B).  Then Monday we make a left heading West near Dallas with a few stops to include friends and repair shops of course.  Not enough stops with friends and too many for warranty repair catch ups.  Welcome to full timing with a new rig – the Baby.

Happy, Happy, Happy…

See ya

Thursday, November 28, 2013


We ate, made some new friends then slept…..

See ya…..

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carol Saves The Dinner

What an active day.  I was working by 8 AM.  Mark came over about 9:30.  We picked up the trailer from Jerry and went and picked up my Mom’s dresser.  We brought it back and put it the little bar.  We returned the trailer and went to La Colona for lunch.  It was as usual not too bad.  We didn’t get back to the lot till almost 1 PM.  Mark had to leave because he was smoking a turkey for James.  Carol already had the turkey cooking for our dinner today.  I was suppose to start the turkey but got tied up having fun.  She saved the day and dinner.

Then I borrowed Wayne's floor jack to lift the front end of the Jeep up.  I really looked like a rookie doing that.  I was testing the air brake hook up on the Jeep.  I wanted to make sure the brakes weren’t hanging up on the Jeep when applying the brakes on the RV.  They seemed to be dragging a little.  I’m not sure if that’s because the Jeep is a four wheel drive or what.  I called M & G and they said to being it by Monday.

The Mariner had a low tire light come on the car.  One tire was down to 20 lbs.  I aired all of them up to 35 lbs using the Baby’s engine air compressor.  I had to change some air nozzles on my air lines because I screwed them up last month.  No bigee.  Then I doubled checked the Baby’s tires.  I had one tire down to 80 lbs.  It’s the one that I’ve been having trouble with the pressure indicator of the Pressure Pro.  I 'ill check that again before we leave.  It might be the indicator leaking which I will just remove.

Carol picked up Mom earlier.   Mom appeared to have fun while here for turkey dinner.  Carol did a good job of cooking dinner for us all.  We took Mom back to the rest home about 7 PM.  She was tired.

We will move our departure route to Plan B.  That’s now going up towards Dallas near M & G.  Have them check out the tow brakes and then head for Freightliner Abilene.  Abilene, Abilene sweetest little town I ever did see, Abilene.  Sing it…never mind…..  There we will have the front in checked out on the Baby.   You know you can’t stay away from a repair shop with a new rig.

By the end of the today (Wed) I was sore and grumpy.  Thanksgiving Day will be another active day but not as physical.  We got to get things ready in the mobile and lot for our departure plus another Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s the SKP one and we really don’t have to do a lot like at ours.

You will be reading this on or after Thanksgiving Day.  Hope it is or was nice……Happy Thanksgiving.

See ya…………

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Making Lists & Checking Them Twice

It rained all day Tuesday until about 7 PM.  I got nothing really accomplished of course.

I had a blog reader Gerrit from Yuma last night said to jack the front of the Jeep up and apply the brakes of the RV while hooked up of course.  After releasing the RV brakes check the wheels of the Jeep and see if they turn freely.  If they turn it means their not dragging.  If they drag then the system has to be adjusted by M & G.  That sounds real easy.  Now I need to find a big jack to get the front end of the Jeep off the ground after hooking up the brake system.  Maybe Wayne, Jerry or Mark might have one.

Tomorrow (Wed) I have arranged to use Jerry Dale’s trailer, get Wayne’s dolly hopefully and use Mark’s muscle and hand truck.   I’m going to try and pick up Mom’s dresser from her previous rest home and move it to our little barn for storage.  She don’t need it for now, maybe next year when she moves a second time.  I hope this all comes together.

Other things to do today – do the Jeep thing and determine wither to call M&G to set up an appointment,  P/U Mom’s dresser – there’s a chore, call Lazydays Tucson and add the hot water heater to repair (elect), start the turkey for dinner today and prep for our dinner with Mom, wash the Mariner and start getting it ready for long term storage, call GEICO and let them know the car is in storage to receive a discount, take the garbage to the dump and  after dinner clean up the mobile and start getting it ready to close up for our departure.  Not really a whole bunch of things but things that must be done.  Thursday I got another list that is longer and Friday even another one.  I’ve been making lists while all this rain was happening.  I don’t have to think, just do the lists.  It’s easy for me that way. 

See what happens if you own property while full timing.  Not bad not good just reality of owning property. 

See ya

Monday, November 25, 2013

Whacky World – We Pass

Is it just me or has gas prices, just gas prices, shot up about 15 cents in the last two weeks?  Diesel around here has remained at $3.51.  That’s even stranger.  Fuel prices in Canada are up too!  They usually don’t go up and down so quick like down here.  Alaska fuel prices are less than some states.  Oh no the world is going whacky.  I understand it’s a holiday, blah, blah….

Black Friday…no thanks.  Been twice over 30 years and that’s enough for us.  We don’t need anything that bad anymore.

The Baby is loaded 99%.  The Jeep is loaded 99%.  Maybe I should get loaded 99%.

Our electric hot water is shot, out of commission, broke, don’t work, etc.  The LP side still works.  When it stops raining, probably tomorrow (Tuesday), I will check and see if I have a thermo coupler to try.  It’s just a plug in little device that usually goes up.  Of course my LP side works and I don’t know if that means it isn’t the thermal coupler.  Otherwise, it will go on my list for Dec 11 to repair for our appointment with Lazydays Tucson.  I have to call them to add it on.

It rained all day today and sometimes pretty hard.  The cold/rain front that came from the West should be out of here tomorrow afternoon.  The rain will move out but not the cold temps.  Now they’re even saying possible nights in the 20’s.  Whoaaaaa.

Of course our heat pumps don’t work below about 40 degrees which means we’ve been running two small electric heaters.  They’ve been doing the job – kinda.  It’s 4:30 AM and 64 degrees inside and 35 outside plus it continues to rain.  The condensation has been minimal if at all.  We have left all cabinets partially open and got some Damp Rid also.  Plus all of are windows are cracked about an 1/8 of an inch.  It’s working so far.

Hopefully I can get the RV and tow car out to test the possible brake heat up on the tow car.  If they get too hot that means they are dragging.  Then we would have to go back up near Dallas to get the M & G tow brake adjusted.  We are out of time since we got dinner commitments for Wednesday and Thursday.  We will see…..

See ya…

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Link This

I was asked by my entire fan club (3) to include links back to my original web pages when I had the accident 10 months ago.  OK…

Today (Sunday) was cold and windy.  Yepper, cold and windy.  The hippy dippy weatherman said, 100% chance of rain Monday but only 70% Tuesday.  Wednesday it goes down to 30%.  Temps might not get out of the 30s for Monday.  That’s daytime.  What I 'am saying it’s time to get of here.   I got to get weighed one more time and take the Jeep out to test the tow brakes while hooked up.  If their too hot we have to take the Jeep back to M & G to readjust.  I can’t adjust them myself.  That means next Monday on our way West we go North.  In that case we would go to Freightliner to get the alignment checked out either in Tyler or Abilene, Texas plus have them install the automatic front wheel balancers.  I will try to take the Baby out this Wednesday to do the testing to see if our route needs to change.  I won’t take it out in the rain.  That is because Escapees don’t weigh in the rain and two can’t get a good temp on the tow brakes if it’s raining.

Now in the middle of all this we got two Thanksgiving Diners.  One here with my Mom Wednesday to prep for and  one Thursday with the Escapees at the Activity Center.  Plus get the mobile/lot, Mariner ready for storage but not until Friday.  We will be using it all until then. 

Not moaning or groaning, just saying what the facts are.

We were doing fine until mother nature decided we needed some cold rain.  We are still doing fine because we are full timers in a recreational vehicle.

See ya….

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Upside Down - Really

Some people get upside down in their RV’s meaning that they owe more than it’s worth.  When I say I’m upside down I really mean that I’m upside down.  Here’s my Polaris side by side RZR.  This is what happens when you are on the edge of the envelope playing and you have an equipment failure.  One minute you are up and the next you are upside down having your ear torn off….my ear, being Life Lifted out of the desert and in the shock trauma unit at a hospital.  The rest is history.Dennis Hill 053

They put me back back together and I got some good stories out of it.  We should be out west in a few weeks.  I can’t wait to pull the RZR out at North Ranch and go for a lot of rides. 

I was given a very appropriate Roll Over Party within days of course.  I know what friends are for.  Or maybe they used me to have an excuse to have a party.  That’s cool.  Of course I wasn’t suppose to be out of bed for 2 weeks.DSC_0007

My jaw was still hurting pretty bad so I had to eat thru a straw.  My friends gave me Mac & Cheese.  Hey, what are friends for. DSC_0013

I was protected by my little green man.DSC_0003

Some people were stunned that I was up and about.DSC_0103

Time to end……………..

See ya….

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hold Them Down Till They Squeal Like Pigs

I called Lazydays (Tucson) to add to our list of bugs to check/repair/replace.  While doing so I figured I better check on one thing that I already had on the list.  It was the constant front end slight pull to the right.  Upon getting into what they do for that the customer service rep asked what size of tire I had.  I said 275/80/22.5.  The rep said, “Oh we don’t work on anything that has that size of tire.”  I asked when were they going to tell me that, when I show up.  The rep said,  “I just now told you.”  I lost it……I told them weeks ago plus I’m the one inquiring about the details now.   I let them know what I thought of their customer service so far.  I 'ill be like a hawk on a field mouse on their work in two weeks.

I called Winnebago next.  Their reply was that is a Freightliner problem not a Winnebago.  I told them what I thought of that being a brand new coach and it should have been checked out at their dealership.  The bridges were burning like the Yosemite fires.

I called Freightliner RV Chassis and got the “it’s not our responsibility.  It’s the manufacture.”  I gave them my two cents worth but never gave them my serial number of the rig.  I called a Freightliner dealer and the cost was $265 to check and align.  I called Freightliner back a few hours later.  I gave them my serial number along with some special BS honey and explained the whole story or at least the part that it was brand new.  He said,  “No problem.  We at Freightliner will take care of that, no charge.”  He gave me a repair order number to give to the Freightliner dealer.  Now that’s customer service!  They can call it Goodwill or what ever they want and the customer is Happy, Happy, Happy!

I also learned something else from Freightliner.  If you see a device on a Freightliner Chassis that’s on one manufactures coach you can add it to another manufacture’s chassis.  For instance, Newmar brags about their Smartdirve on their coaches.  You can order it on let’s say a Winnebago.  It will take a little extra time but yes you can.  I thought that was interesting.

I figured I was on a roll so I called Verizon for what I called an overcharge.  Forty minutes later they agreed and will credit our account $10 next month.  They tried to charge me two months service for one month of extra calling minutes.  I only wanted one month when I ordered it and was told the famous, “No problem.”  They’re sales people and their lips were moving. 

You got to hold companies accountable and make them squeal like a little piglet.  Yes, it takes time and is very tiring and frustrating.  I use honey but I’m very low on it usually. 

Nap time.

For diner I took Carol to the local gas station.  It was a two pumper.  That’s redneck talk for it had two gas pumps.  I had a burger and she had a BLT.  It was pretty good.  Better than those red dogs if you ever had one of those you know what I’m talking about for sure.  We went there because Donna Clifton asked that we and others go there and discuss our Thanksgiving diner table obligations.  We did more BSing than anything.  The gas station staff even got in on the fun.  Having fun can be contagious.  Just ask Donna & I.

Later I took Carol to the movies.  They had a chick flick comedy with Sandra Bullock there at the Escapees park club house. It was free like every Friday.  The movie characters used the word F---K more times in that hour and half than I heard in my 21 years in the Marines.  It was distracting.  Anyhow, free popcorn and drinks.  I think I O.D. on the popcorn.

The day was wet and dreary but somehow we came out smelling like roses or was that gas fumes?

See ya………

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Burrrrrr Time To Move

I worked on the towing hitch.  I needed to get the rock net shield material away from the exhaust.  It was starting to melt due to the high temp exhaust pipes on these new engines.  I tried sewing heat shield material to the rock shield.  That didn’t work.  So I went back to the 12 inch extension with the anti movement devices (3).  I don’t like any movement in the hitch to receiver bars.  DSC_0003Adding a 12 inch bar to the receiver reduced my towing limit in half.  Now instead of being able to 10,000 lbs I can only tow 5,000 lbs.  The Jeep only weighs about 3,500 lbs so I’m well within my limits.  There is no tongue weight (straight down) on the hitch.  DSC_0002


Different colors this morning….DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0006

As I was finishing up it started to rain.  Starting Saturday and thru Monday the temps will be in the 40’s (day high) and 30’s (night low) plus rain.  Then Tuesday thru Thru it’s suppose to be in the 50’s and 30’s.  Do you notice a trend here.  The 30’s at night and full timers don’t go well together.  After Turkey day we have to get the mobile ready for storage plus get the Mariner ready for long term storage.  Plus turn off the water and all that stuff.  It’s not hard work, it just eats the clock up the day before we leave which is Saturday the 30th.

Denny Orr has been harassing me.  He calls from AZ saying how nice it is and that they go ATVing about everyday.  I think I will glue his tires to the ground when we get out there.  Just heard on the news that they will be getting 3-5 inches of rain in the 24 hours.  Ahhhhhhhhhh.

See ya…..

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, Catfish ?

Well, I’ve gone back and forth as to install our four solar panels while here in Livingston.  I decided not to.  Then it was whether to take them or not and install them out west.  I didn’t have enough room in the new Baby.  So, I decided to leave them here in Livingston.  Now, I have made room for them underneath on the slide out tray.  Then I decided not to.  I have reconsidered and will take them.  Well, at least for today.  Worst case, I leave them in our shed in Congress, AZ if we take them and don’t install them.  Here they are, all four with a lot of non skid rubber between them.DSC_0001 

Then I put our chairs on top with more non skid rubber.  See the LP tank with hoses.  That’s how tall this slide out is.  I can even stack stuff higher.  Love that storage area height.DSC_0004

Here’s the wiring and controller for the panels.  The container box slides under the slide out tray.DSC_0002

Well I loaded up our little freezer in the Baby’s basement.  Now there all full. DSC_0003

Well, I couldn't get all the food stuff out of the freezer in the mobile to fit so I guess we will have to eat it.

Here’s the catfish that wouldn’t fit in any freezer.  I fried it up and boy was it good even if I say so myself and I do!DSC_0006


I shaved off my 4 1/2 month old beard.  I was tired of grooming it – all 1/4 inch of it.

See ya……….

Monday, November 18, 2013

Smoked Butt & Fun

I’m thinking about taking my 4 solar panels out west.  I’m just nor sure it’s worth all the hassle.  I think I will see if I can get them in the large slide out tray underneath without too much trouble.  I think they just won’t fit with all the other stuff.  We got to get the electric installed on the lot in AZ.  I got to get the LP heater plumed in the rig and hook up the Progressive Industries to our incoming electric line.  Hello Denny & Ed……!

Anyhow…the pork butt is looking good.  I had two butts in the smoker.  One reached about 185 degrees so I took it out.  The other other one cooked for another 3 hours to reach 180 degrees.  It’s done.  I spray them with some apple juice and wrap them up in some tin foil.  Then wrap again in a towel.  Then in a closed container for another 4-5 hours so they can rest in their own juices.  I know there are easier ways but I just like doing it this way.  It makes me think they taste better this long way.

OK, farewell dinner for the Boot Camp instructors and assistants.  Again, it was fun..DSC_0001


We did some wine tasting of the Duck Dynasty wine.  It didn’t pass anything.  Mark thought it was number one I think.DSC_0002


Lisa thought it was worth yelling about, blahhhhhh.DSC_0005


Mark has a tendency to fall asleep curing conversations that he is not participating in.DSC_0006


When not asleep Mark had a hard time keeping his hat on.  Kris and randy are in the background trying to figure out what’s going on.DSC_0007


Jim loved the cookies and Lisa loved the stories.  They drank a lot……..Pepsi and root beer.DSC_0012

We all told stories of years past some where probably even true.  Jim really likes cookies.  He ate a bunch then stuffed his pockets full as they were leaving.  He’s the cookie monster for sure.   Lisa & Jim leave tomorrow.  We won’t see them again until Quartzsite in January.

I think we all had fun and will have new stories this time a year from now when we do it again.  Thank you all for letting me cook for you all.  It was a honor and pleasure to do so.

See ya.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Boot Camp Over Along With NASCAR

Saturday was busy doing little things for Boot Camp.  That evening Tom & Pat Whitaker did a drive by visit with us at the Boot Camp fire.  It was nice of them to stop by.  They’re here for only one night and off they go to the wild blue yonder.  We'll see them in Qsite for sure.

Sunday was busy doing more little things for Boot Camp’s last day that ended at noon.  What a fun bunch and a lot of newbies.  Afterwards I helped Kris do some weighing of rigs.  Then I went and helped a couple of graduates with “stuff” on their RV’s.  I got back to our rig about 3 PM and realized I didn’t have lunch.  I downed a few snacks and finished doing the pork butt preparation.  In the smoker they went.  They are smoking…DSC_0002

and will be for the next 20 hours.

We went out to dinner with George & Valerie of the RV Driving School.  That was real nice.  I think we fixed most of the RV World problems.  We went to the Texas Pepper.  We haven’t had dinner there probably in a couple of years.  It’s changed hands again. We sat for probably an hour talking after dinner.  It wasn’t busy at all.  Thank you George & Valerie.

We got back home and I checked on the pork butt and reset the timers to cook thru the night.

Verizon sent us an email saying we were out of minutes on the cell phone.  I already purchased an extra 150 minutes a week ago.  I guess Carol talks too much on the phone.  There went some brownie points…..again.

I watched the recorded last race of the NASCAR season.  Ole Dale Jr put on a show and came in 3rd. Jimmie Johnson won the 2013 championship.  His team is one great team and broke all sorts of records.

We watched several recorded Duck Dynasty shows.  We are Happy Happy Happy.

See ya…….

Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Happy Happy Again

Mick Schwarz came over to get a quick lookie look at our base camp that guards our Baby while it’s growing in weight.  He and his wife will try to meet up with us again in Quartzsite In January.  They’re on a mission to get things accomplished here it Texas.  They would be fun up in Alaska if they go with the Loosey Goosey Group.  They went in 2012 and would be helpful.

I decided to dedicate this morning to setting up my Pressure Pro and running 100% or it was going in the trash.  I’ve had some issues setting it up even on the shorter wheel base.  That shouldn’t be.  It’s about 7 years old I think.  Well, two hours later it was up and running 100% and then mounted.  Very good location for me and the receiver I think.DSC_0007

Then it was off to Boot Camp for the opening ceremonies.  Carol & I get an honorable mention as staff.  That means we serve food and move chairs around.  Plus if they leave the mic around I tell jokes during the breaks or computer show break downs.  I did a 20 minute stand up last week.  No hecklers.  Maybe because they know I serve them there food in the mornings!DSC_0012 DSC_0013

Here is Jim.  He does some major instructing at Boot Camp.  DSC_0009 

Here’s Kris who does RV weighing here at Livingston.DSC_0011

Later we came up to move the chairs for tomorrow’s catered breakfast that we serve.  Then it was set out at the LP campfires (2).  It was so nice hearing and telling stories with these newbies.  95% of what I say is the truth.  Happy Happy Happy….

See ya…..

Thursday, November 14, 2013

And Does Winnebago Call Back?

The dehumidifier and the electric heaters didn’t stop the condensation.  I’m for moving into a dry area.  Carol say’s not yet, so be it! 

We'll see if Winnebago calls later with their fix on the Baby’s wetting problem.

I’m still playing around with the Alaska schedule.  It’s five pages long and very flexible.  My intentions are to plan the trip so that’s it’s flexible enough to do and see things.  It’s to make it more of a rough direction to follow than a schedule. That might be a little hard to conceive for some.  It’s the Loosey Goosey schedule.  In a nut shell, do what you want, where you want and who you want to do it with if anybody and kinda going in the same general direction.  Sounds like a quote from the 60’s.

Ahhh…. memories of the sixties and flower power.  For me that was when the Marine Corps Parris Island Boot Camp drill instructor said to get down on the ground and do push ups.  He said I could eat the flowers one pedal at a time if I wanted to.  He said that was flower power.  Later I called it diarrhea.  Ahhhh those were the days…

I cleaned all the windows in the rig.  They all pretty bad water spots.  They all came really clean.  Next I will have to tackle the wheels someday.  They need some real polishing to get crap off them.

We went over and helped set up the Boot Camp classroom.  Mark is expecting another 70 or students.  They might let me have the mic again to tell a few jokes. 

Jim and Linda Work are back for awhile.  They bought a 2006 Winnebago Journey 36 footer last year and are loving it.  Jim said it seems like the mileage just keeps adding on.  That translates to they really like driving it.

Blog readers Mike & Ellen Schwarz did a drive by on us today.  They told us earlier they were coming by for a quick stop then had to leave.  We met them at the scales here at the park.  They were getting weighed by Smart Weigh here.  Now they have to go to Freightliner and get their air bags leveled.  They’re 3,000 lbs difference on left to right side at their rear axle.  They still had to go get their rig (2010 42’ Tour)  inspected and then titled.  We met them down in FL at Lazydays when we were getting the Baby.  They leave tomorrow so we just got a drive by visit with them.  Maybe it was those beans I had over at Mark’s last night?

Nope Winnebago never called like they said they would.  They’re lips were moving was all.  I really never expected them to.  They’re a normal manufacture and are too busy to call their customers with problems.  I would be embarrassed to work for any company with that kind of customer service.  No, I wouldn’t work for a company like that.  Oh well…such is life…Happy Happy Happy!

See ya….

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Too Cold For My Butts

The leaves are falling and the wind is blowing.

OK this might be a little confusing to follow.  The last two nights have been at freezing temperatures.  Thus the rig had condensation problems.  Wet walls in the cabinets and closets.  Plus when it got around 40 degrees the LP heating system would come on automately like it’s suppose to.  The thermostat was set to the heat pump.  This is normal but the heat pump continued to run also and blow cold air, not right.  The way it’s suppose to work is that the LP system comes on when the heat pump can’t maintain the set temperature.  The LP system will come on two times and raise the temperature up to the set temperature.  It will do this twice.  The third time the LP heat system will come on and stay on and the heat pump is suppose to turn off.  Ours don’t turn off in either the front or rear units.  I called Winnebago and they seemed to have concerns about the condensation and the fact that the heat pumps would not shut down also.  They wanted me to do the same thing the second night and see if the same thing would happen.  It’s now 3 AM and is 33 degrees out.  The rig has condensation in the cabinets/closets and the LP system came on like it should and the heat pump stayed on like it shouldn’t.  I turned it all off.  I got two electric heaters and a dehumidifier running now.  We will see how that does.  Winnebago said they would call me the next day (today) and in the mean time would research the problem.  OKKKKKK.

Has anyone out there had the same condensation problem in cabinets/closets and what did you do to fix it?  Inquiring minds would like to know.  Yes I know…MOVE to warmer temps.

This little cold spell is suppose to end tonight.  We should be in the 70s and low 50s or so for the next 10 days.

I looked in our Baby’s freezer and it’s just about full.  I looked in the mobile’s freezer and it’s full.  You know what that means – smoke them butts.  I got two more pork butts to do plus one turkey around Thanksgiving.  Plus I got 3 bags of catfish to cook.  I will do the butts this weekend when the night temps get a little warmer since I smoke them about 20 hours or so.  Smoking in freezing temps don’t get it.

We went over Mark’s last night for his Mexican dinner which was his way of saying thanks to all the instructors/helpers for doing Boot Camp.  He had about 12 people there.  My plan is to have the same group over next Monday for a pulled pork dinner.  When I told them last night they all had a gleam in their eyes like alligators about to eat a chicken.  Then have another get together of more friends in the very near future afterwards.  I will do the turkey and invite my Mom over an early Thanksgiving dinner.  Left over's will be frozen for our travels going out west.

Yes we have an underneath freezer but it’s small.  It’s about the size that would hold about a gallon of water OR a 12 pack of beer.  That’s not very much.  It’s also a frig if need me.

See ya…..

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

I started the day the right way – my way with two eggs and steak.  Only thing better than that would be to have taters with it.  Carol had one egg and steak.  Her egg was a double yolk.  I haven’t seen one of these doubles in years.DSC_0001-001

We ran some local errands.  The bank had an extra $100 so we took it.  Then we went to my Mom’s previous rest home to settle her account.  She’s in another local rest home until she gets approval to move to an assisted living facility.  She will do a lot better at one of those than a rest home.  Hopefully this will all happen before we leave.  Next was to Lowe’s to get supplies for the mobile.  We get roach traps, weed killer, outside pipe covers and dampness stuff.  Another reason not to have a house while full timing and that is prepping it to leave it for a long time – again. 

Then it was to Burger King for my $1 pork rib sandwich.  Carol got her jr whopper.

Then it was time to get to work.  Move the two 70 lb (each) batteries from the Jeep to the center of the Baby. DSC_0002-001  DSC_0005

Nice fit.  There right in the center of the picture.  I will hopefully get Denny’s help in wiring these babies to the 6 other AGM batteries.  These batteries are within 3 feet of the main batteries that are underneath the slide out tray and under the floor.DSC_0003

Then it was time to put the storage bin back in the Jeep.  It will carry the come along and tow straps.  These are to move the Jeep when it gets stuck up in Alaska.  This equipment is in Az.DSC_0006


This is what I got left to put in the rig or on it.DSC_0007

Since it was only 55 degrees out mid afternoon today I got all my tires aired up in the colder temperatures.  Below is a Sears air compressor machine that I use to carry but don’t anymore.  It will go up to about 106 and that’s it.  So, I raised the fronts up to 106 and the rears to 100 lbs.  This will be our winter temperatures (55-60 degrees)and Alaska temperatures so these are the pressures that we will run.  In constant warmer weather I would have to lower the air pressures in the tires because they would gain air in warmer weather.  Yes, I’m one of those that really get into tire pressures.  If I put in any air in the tires in California I let it out when we get out of state……….DSC_0008

I really don’t like the vinyl/plastic air hose.  It’s hard to work with.  Next time I will get the rubber hose.  It does have a nice color.DSC_0009


The day is not over and their is still daylight.  I bought some porterhouse steaks at a really good price a few weeks ago and froze them in their packaging.   Now it was time to freeze them the right way.  I use this device and have had it for years.  I don’t use it a lot but when I do I do. DSC_0012 DSC_0011

We use it for frozen food we are taking to Alaska to eat and then bring Halibut back.

So that’s about it for today…… whew…..

See ya……

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Monday Veteran’s Day

I ran the LP last night for the first time.  We have two furnaces in this 36 footer.  Seems a bit overkill.  The fans were kinda quiet which was a pleasant surprise.  The furnaces and the frig were running at the same time.  One of my do dads showed I was eating 20 amps at the time.  That’s a lot.  We will have our after market LP heater hooked up out west so that will take care of that while boone docking.  We plan to turn the frig off at night so that will take care of that usage at night.  I will keep you all posted on our heating system and frig when we start getting into more in January at Quartzsite.

This morning I was washing the Baby at 7:30 AM.  It took me about an hour.  Before I only washed where I could reach.  This time I washed it from top to bottom but not the roof, next time.

Then I got into rearranging stuff to distribute the weight in the coach.  It’s lighter in the right front and left rear.  I moved some stuff around on the slide out tray.  Then I moved some stuff from the right rear to the left rear.  This compartment now has a lot more weight in it as you can see.DSC_0002

Next was inside.  I moved all my camera stuff to the left rear slide out closet.  Moved our camping books to the right side compartment above the windshield.  We were just OK before and now we should even be better.

Next was the water filtration system.  The frig has a filter for the ice maker and water dispenser.  The kitchen sink has a cold water filter.  Then there’s the water filter for the whole coach as the water comes in.  Yes, I had to add just one more.  It will be a sediment filter and will remain hooked up and in the compartment where you see it.  The other filter case I will have a high dollar ($70-80)reusable filter in it.  I will get in while in Quartzsite.  I added 3 big filters to the Beast.  Those filters are retired and are in the barn.DSC_0001

In the afternoon Rick & Karen Bennett came over to visit.  They’re blog followers and have been reading my blog for years.  OK, I know I have at least 2 readers now not counting Carol.  They’ve been full timing for three years now and enjoying everyday.  They are headed for Phoenix to do some work camping over the winter.  They will be camp hosts at Usery Park just northeast of Phoenix.  Nice park.  Escapees Chapter 44 does a rally there every year.  Now those people know how to have fun.  I cooked and served them my Texas smoked pulled pork last year.

Next was the 4 o’clock social at the Activity Center here at Rainbow’s End Park (Escapees Hq area).  They had a tribute to those that served in the military.  It was narrated by Mark.  When he asked for all those that served in the Marine Crops to come up front I was the only one.  Of course with the Marines you only need one.  Ahhhhhhhhhh Rahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Carol said the world already has one of me and that’s enough.

To celebrate Veterans Day for myself I went to Popeye’s and got a crawfish sub.  When I ordered it the guy asked me what a sub was.  I’m getting old.  I looked up at the menu and realized I didn’t say exactly what was on the cash register key.  It’s called a Po Boy (sub).  Anyhow it came to $5.40 with tax.  I gave him a $20 and didn’t want to take a chance giving him an additional 40 cents.  They’re wasn’t much cents to go around behind the counter.  The SUB was good!

I went to bed about 7 PM after a hard day of doing nutin.  I woke up at 9 PM and watch TV until about 11 PM.  It’s now 6 AM the next day (Tuesday).  Sooooo

See ya……