Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Making Lists & Checking Them Twice

It rained all day Tuesday until about 7 PM.  I got nothing really accomplished of course.

I had a blog reader Gerrit from Yuma last night said to jack the front of the Jeep up and apply the brakes of the RV while hooked up of course.  After releasing the RV brakes check the wheels of the Jeep and see if they turn freely.  If they turn it means their not dragging.  If they drag then the system has to be adjusted by M & G.  That sounds real easy.  Now I need to find a big jack to get the front end of the Jeep off the ground after hooking up the brake system.  Maybe Wayne, Jerry or Mark might have one.

Tomorrow (Wed) I have arranged to use Jerry Dale’s trailer, get Wayne’s dolly hopefully and use Mark’s muscle and hand truck.   I’m going to try and pick up Mom’s dresser from her previous rest home and move it to our little barn for storage.  She don’t need it for now, maybe next year when she moves a second time.  I hope this all comes together.

Other things to do today – do the Jeep thing and determine wither to call M&G to set up an appointment,  P/U Mom’s dresser – there’s a chore, call Lazydays Tucson and add the hot water heater to repair (elect), start the turkey for dinner today and prep for our dinner with Mom, wash the Mariner and start getting it ready for long term storage, call GEICO and let them know the car is in storage to receive a discount, take the garbage to the dump and  after dinner clean up the mobile and start getting it ready to close up for our departure.  Not really a whole bunch of things but things that must be done.  Thursday I got another list that is longer and Friday even another one.  I’ve been making lists while all this rain was happening.  I don’t have to think, just do the lists.  It’s easy for me that way. 

See what happens if you own property while full timing.  Not bad not good just reality of owning property. 

See ya