Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Full Timers

This Friday starts one of two Escapee Boot Camps here in Livingston.  Carol & I have been to asked to help out with some of the basic behind the scenes help which we are glad to do.  Not being an instructor with Boot Camp anymore, it’s about as close as I can get without being in front of them.  That’s OK.  Being around these newbies is really refreshing.  To see them starting out as full timers brings back many memories and refreshes the thought of how lucky we’ve been these 13 years of fu.ll timing.  Sometimes with the moaning and groaning we forget how lucky we really are. 

I’m dangerous with tools in my hands.  I can take anything apart.  Getting it all back together might be another story.  We have 4 electrical outlets that aren’t working on one side when we are boone dock with the coach.  Basically without shore power.  I figured it was time to look at this inverter that isn’t inverting battery power to 110 power 100%.  I took down the wall that Winnebago said that wasn’t there and took a look.  Yep, lots of cables.  The inverter is the white box.DSC_0001 I reset the the inverter twice based on what the manual said to do.  No luck.  I put it all back together and will let a tech look at it next month while in Tucson.

Our neighbor Dave came over and he checked some electrical stuff out and to no avail.  He did have some good ideas as to what the problem was but to no avail.

Next was we have three small water leaks in the compartments of the Baby.  The Baby wet its self.  This happens while driving in the rain. DSC_0005One real good thing I found out.  The flooring in the compartments are thick plastic.  No wood to be concerned about getting wet.  That is outstanding!  Thank goodness Winnebago learned a lesson to stay away from using wood in basement flooring.  Yea.

I washed the front of the coach due to road bugs.  Then I said I might as well wash the sides as far up as I could reach.  It was pretty dirty from driving in the rain.  I washed the rig and it was a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.  Well, I raised those odds up a little.

Since we towed the Jeep in the rain it was pretty dirty too.  I washed the Jeep.  The odds of raining keep going up.

I went to NAPA to pick up my two extra 12 volt AGM batteries.  They were suppose to be in last Saturday.  Not there.  They promised me they would be in tomorrow.  No big deal.

Next stop Verizon.  They stopped my 10% off my bill that I was getting because I’m a veteran.  I guess they figured I wasn’t a veteran anymore.  No problem at the Verizon store.  In and out in less than 10 minutes.  That was a shocker.  I was prepared for battle.

Jon came over to visit.  He’s on toilet watch.  He has one of those lookey lou tests tomorrow and is drinking that terrible stuff to clean out your system.  After being over for about 15 minutes he left in a hurry.

Guess what I found at Walmart.  Beer in orange cans.  I got a 30 pack.  What brand you ask…..I don’t know or care, it’s orange so it’s got to be good – I think!

Overall it was a pretty good day even though things didn’t go all my way.

We got the paperwork today from Lazydays to register the coach and get tags.  So tomorrow I will go to DMV and see if they make my day.  Plus return to NAPA for the batteries.  Plus I got to start smoking some pork butt in the Bradley.

See ya…..