Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, Catfish ?

Well, I’ve gone back and forth as to install our four solar panels while here in Livingston.  I decided not to.  Then it was whether to take them or not and install them out west.  I didn’t have enough room in the new Baby.  So, I decided to leave them here in Livingston.  Now, I have made room for them underneath on the slide out tray.  Then I decided not to.  I have reconsidered and will take them.  Well, at least for today.  Worst case, I leave them in our shed in Congress, AZ if we take them and don’t install them.  Here they are, all four with a lot of non skid rubber between them.DSC_0001 

Then I put our chairs on top with more non skid rubber.  See the LP tank with hoses.  That’s how tall this slide out is.  I can even stack stuff higher.  Love that storage area height.DSC_0004

Here’s the wiring and controller for the panels.  The container box slides under the slide out tray.DSC_0002

Well I loaded up our little freezer in the Baby’s basement.  Now there all full. DSC_0003

Well, I couldn't get all the food stuff out of the freezer in the mobile to fit so I guess we will have to eat it.

Here’s the catfish that wouldn’t fit in any freezer.  I fried it up and boy was it good even if I say so myself and I do!DSC_0006


I shaved off my 4 1/2 month old beard.  I was tired of grooming it – all 1/4 inch of it.

See ya……….