Monday, November 25, 2013

Whacky World – We Pass

Is it just me or has gas prices, just gas prices, shot up about 15 cents in the last two weeks?  Diesel around here has remained at $3.51.  That’s even stranger.  Fuel prices in Canada are up too!  They usually don’t go up and down so quick like down here.  Alaska fuel prices are less than some states.  Oh no the world is going whacky.  I understand it’s a holiday, blah, blah….

Black Friday…no thanks.  Been twice over 30 years and that’s enough for us.  We don’t need anything that bad anymore.

The Baby is loaded 99%.  The Jeep is loaded 99%.  Maybe I should get loaded 99%.

Our electric hot water is shot, out of commission, broke, don’t work, etc.  The LP side still works.  When it stops raining, probably tomorrow (Tuesday), I will check and see if I have a thermo coupler to try.  It’s just a plug in little device that usually goes up.  Of course my LP side works and I don’t know if that means it isn’t the thermal coupler.  Otherwise, it will go on my list for Dec 11 to repair for our appointment with Lazydays Tucson.  I have to call them to add it on.

It rained all day today and sometimes pretty hard.  The cold/rain front that came from the West should be out of here tomorrow afternoon.  The rain will move out but not the cold temps.  Now they’re even saying possible nights in the 20’s.  Whoaaaaa.

Of course our heat pumps don’t work below about 40 degrees which means we’ve been running two small electric heaters.  They’ve been doing the job – kinda.  It’s 4:30 AM and 64 degrees inside and 35 outside plus it continues to rain.  The condensation has been minimal if at all.  We have left all cabinets partially open and got some Damp Rid also.  Plus all of are windows are cracked about an 1/8 of an inch.  It’s working so far.

Hopefully I can get the RV and tow car out to test the possible brake heat up on the tow car.  If they get too hot that means they are dragging.  Then we would have to go back up near Dallas to get the M & G tow brake adjusted.  We are out of time since we got dinner commitments for Wednesday and Thursday.  We will see…..

See ya…