Saturday, November 23, 2013

Upside Down - Really

Some people get upside down in their RV’s meaning that they owe more than it’s worth.  When I say I’m upside down I really mean that I’m upside down.  Here’s my Polaris side by side RZR.  This is what happens when you are on the edge of the envelope playing and you have an equipment failure.  One minute you are up and the next you are upside down having your ear torn off….my ear, being Life Lifted out of the desert and in the shock trauma unit at a hospital.  The rest is history.Dennis Hill 053

They put me back back together and I got some good stories out of it.  We should be out west in a few weeks.  I can’t wait to pull the RZR out at North Ranch and go for a lot of rides. 

I was given a very appropriate Roll Over Party within days of course.  I know what friends are for.  Or maybe they used me to have an excuse to have a party.  That’s cool.  Of course I wasn’t suppose to be out of bed for 2 weeks.DSC_0007

My jaw was still hurting pretty bad so I had to eat thru a straw.  My friends gave me Mac & Cheese.  Hey, what are friends for. DSC_0013

I was protected by my little green man.DSC_0003

Some people were stunned that I was up and about.DSC_0103

Time to end……………..

See ya….