Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Monday Veteran’s Day

I ran the LP last night for the first time.  We have two furnaces in this 36 footer.  Seems a bit overkill.  The fans were kinda quiet which was a pleasant surprise.  The furnaces and the frig were running at the same time.  One of my do dads showed I was eating 20 amps at the time.  That’s a lot.  We will have our after market LP heater hooked up out west so that will take care of that while boone docking.  We plan to turn the frig off at night so that will take care of that usage at night.  I will keep you all posted on our heating system and frig when we start getting into more in January at Quartzsite.

This morning I was washing the Baby at 7:30 AM.  It took me about an hour.  Before I only washed where I could reach.  This time I washed it from top to bottom but not the roof, next time.

Then I got into rearranging stuff to distribute the weight in the coach.  It’s lighter in the right front and left rear.  I moved some stuff around on the slide out tray.  Then I moved some stuff from the right rear to the left rear.  This compartment now has a lot more weight in it as you can see.DSC_0002

Next was inside.  I moved all my camera stuff to the left rear slide out closet.  Moved our camping books to the right side compartment above the windshield.  We were just OK before and now we should even be better.

Next was the water filtration system.  The frig has a filter for the ice maker and water dispenser.  The kitchen sink has a cold water filter.  Then there’s the water filter for the whole coach as the water comes in.  Yes, I had to add just one more.  It will be a sediment filter and will remain hooked up and in the compartment where you see it.  The other filter case I will have a high dollar ($70-80)reusable filter in it.  I will get in while in Quartzsite.  I added 3 big filters to the Beast.  Those filters are retired and are in the barn.DSC_0001

In the afternoon Rick & Karen Bennett came over to visit.  They’re blog followers and have been reading my blog for years.  OK, I know I have at least 2 readers now not counting Carol.  They’ve been full timing for three years now and enjoying everyday.  They are headed for Phoenix to do some work camping over the winter.  They will be camp hosts at Usery Park just northeast of Phoenix.  Nice park.  Escapees Chapter 44 does a rally there every year.  Now those people know how to have fun.  I cooked and served them my Texas smoked pulled pork last year.

Next was the 4 o’clock social at the Activity Center here at Rainbow’s End Park (Escapees Hq area).  They had a tribute to those that served in the military.  It was narrated by Mark.  When he asked for all those that served in the Marine Crops to come up front I was the only one.  Of course with the Marines you only need one.  Ahhhhhhhhhh Rahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Carol said the world already has one of me and that’s enough.

To celebrate Veterans Day for myself I went to Popeye’s and got a crawfish sub.  When I ordered it the guy asked me what a sub was.  I’m getting old.  I looked up at the menu and realized I didn’t say exactly what was on the cash register key.  It’s called a Po Boy (sub).  Anyhow it came to $5.40 with tax.  I gave him a $20 and didn’t want to take a chance giving him an additional 40 cents.  They’re wasn’t much cents to go around behind the counter.  The SUB was good!

I went to bed about 7 PM after a hard day of doing nutin.  I woke up at 9 PM and watch TV until about 11 PM.  It’s now 6 AM the next day (Tuesday).  Sooooo

See ya……