Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

I started the day the right way – my way with two eggs and steak.  Only thing better than that would be to have taters with it.  Carol had one egg and steak.  Her egg was a double yolk.  I haven’t seen one of these doubles in years.DSC_0001-001

We ran some local errands.  The bank had an extra $100 so we took it.  Then we went to my Mom’s previous rest home to settle her account.  She’s in another local rest home until she gets approval to move to an assisted living facility.  She will do a lot better at one of those than a rest home.  Hopefully this will all happen before we leave.  Next was to Lowe’s to get supplies for the mobile.  We get roach traps, weed killer, outside pipe covers and dampness stuff.  Another reason not to have a house while full timing and that is prepping it to leave it for a long time – again. 

Then it was to Burger King for my $1 pork rib sandwich.  Carol got her jr whopper.

Then it was time to get to work.  Move the two 70 lb (each) batteries from the Jeep to the center of the Baby. DSC_0002-001  DSC_0005

Nice fit.  There right in the center of the picture.  I will hopefully get Denny’s help in wiring these babies to the 6 other AGM batteries.  These batteries are within 3 feet of the main batteries that are underneath the slide out tray and under the floor.DSC_0003

Then it was time to put the storage bin back in the Jeep.  It will carry the come along and tow straps.  These are to move the Jeep when it gets stuck up in Alaska.  This equipment is in Az.DSC_0006


This is what I got left to put in the rig or on it.DSC_0007

Since it was only 55 degrees out mid afternoon today I got all my tires aired up in the colder temperatures.  Below is a Sears air compressor machine that I use to carry but don’t anymore.  It will go up to about 106 and that’s it.  So, I raised the fronts up to 106 and the rears to 100 lbs.  This will be our winter temperatures (55-60 degrees)and Alaska temperatures so these are the pressures that we will run.  In constant warmer weather I would have to lower the air pressures in the tires because they would gain air in warmer weather.  Yes, I’m one of those that really get into tire pressures.  If I put in any air in the tires in California I let it out when we get out of state……..smile….DSC_0008

I really don’t like the vinyl/plastic air hose.  It’s hard to work with.  Next time I will get the rubber hose.  It does have a nice color.DSC_0009


The day is not over and their is still daylight.  I bought some porterhouse steaks at a really good price a few weeks ago and froze them in their packaging.   Now it was time to freeze them the right way.  I use this device and have had it for years.  I don’t use it a lot but when I do I do. DSC_0012 DSC_0011

We use it for frozen food we are taking to Alaska to eat and then bring Halibut back.

So that’s about it for today…… whew…..

See ya……