Sunday, November 17, 2013

Boot Camp Over Along With NASCAR

Saturday was busy doing little things for Boot Camp.  That evening Tom & Pat Whitaker did a drive by visit with us at the Boot Camp fire.  It was nice of them to stop by.  They’re here for only one night and off they go to the wild blue yonder.  We'll see them in Qsite for sure.

Sunday was busy doing more little things for Boot Camp’s last day that ended at noon.  What a fun bunch and a lot of newbies.  Afterwards I helped Kris do some weighing of rigs.  Then I went and helped a couple of graduates with “stuff” on their RV’s.  I got back to our rig about 3 PM and realized I didn’t have lunch.  I downed a few snacks and finished doing the pork butt preparation.  In the smoker they went.  They are smoking…DSC_0002

and will be for the next 20 hours.

We went out to dinner with George & Valerie of the RV Driving School.  That was real nice.  I think we fixed most of the RV World problems.  We went to the Texas Pepper.  We haven’t had dinner there probably in a couple of years.  It’s changed hands again. We sat for probably an hour talking after dinner.  It wasn’t busy at all.  Thank you George & Valerie.

We got back home and I checked on the pork butt and reset the timers to cook thru the night.

Verizon sent us an email saying we were out of minutes on the cell phone.  I already purchased an extra 150 minutes a week ago.  I guess Carol talks too much on the phone.  There went some brownie points…..again.

I watched the recorded last race of the NASCAR season.  Ole Dale Jr put on a show and came in 3rd. Jimmie Johnson won the 2013 championship.  His team is one great team and broke all sorts of records.

We watched several recorded Duck Dynasty shows.  We are Happy Happy Happy.

See ya…….