Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Too Cold For My Butts

The leaves are falling and the wind is blowing.

OK this might be a little confusing to follow.  The last two nights have been at freezing temperatures.  Thus the rig had condensation problems.  Wet walls in the cabinets and closets.  Plus when it got around 40 degrees the LP heating system would come on automately like it’s suppose to.  The thermostat was set to the heat pump.  This is normal but the heat pump continued to run also and blow cold air, not right.  The way it’s suppose to work is that the LP system comes on when the heat pump can’t maintain the set temperature.  The LP system will come on two times and raise the temperature up to the set temperature.  It will do this twice.  The third time the LP heat system will come on and stay on and the heat pump is suppose to turn off.  Ours don’t turn off in either the front or rear units.  I called Winnebago and they seemed to have concerns about the condensation and the fact that the heat pumps would not shut down also.  They wanted me to do the same thing the second night and see if the same thing would happen.  It’s now 3 AM and is 33 degrees out.  The rig has condensation in the cabinets/closets and the LP system came on like it should and the heat pump stayed on like it shouldn’t.  I turned it all off.  I got two electric heaters and a dehumidifier running now.  We will see how that does.  Winnebago said they would call me the next day (today) and in the mean time would research the problem.  OKKKKKK.

Has anyone out there had the same condensation problem in cabinets/closets and what did you do to fix it?  Inquiring minds would like to know.  Yes I know…MOVE to warmer temps.

This little cold spell is suppose to end tonight.  We should be in the 70s and low 50s or so for the next 10 days.

I looked in our Baby’s freezer and it’s just about full.  I looked in the mobile’s freezer and it’s full.  You know what that means – smoke them butts.  I got two more pork butts to do plus one turkey around Thanksgiving.  Plus I got 3 bags of catfish to cook.  I will do the butts this weekend when the night temps get a little warmer since I smoke them about 20 hours or so.  Smoking in freezing temps don’t get it.

We went over Mark’s last night for his Mexican dinner which was his way of saying thanks to all the instructors/helpers for doing Boot Camp.  He had about 12 people there.  My plan is to have the same group over next Monday for a pulled pork dinner.  When I told them last night they all had a gleam in their eyes like alligators about to eat a chicken.  Then have another get together of more friends in the very near future afterwards.  I will do the turkey and invite my Mom over an early Thanksgiving dinner.  Left over's will be frozen for our travels going out west.

Yes we have an underneath freezer but it’s small.  It’s about the size that would hold about a gallon of water OR a 12 pack of beer.  That’s not very much.  It’s also a frig if need me.

See ya…..