Friday, November 1, 2013

One Packed Day

One packed day with more “stuff”.

Carol went Line Dancing of course and left me to handle the world’s problems by myself.  Look out world here I come.

Called Direct TV…what idiots.  They can’t think.  They just read from a manual.  After 3+ hours on the phone I got what I wanted – kinda.  They got TOO many special deals/discounts and not enough of their own people who know them.

Called Lazydays Tampa about getting the stuff fixed that they failed or didn’t complete while we were there.  I would like to finish their jobs at Lazydays in Tucson.  They said that they would arrange that with their Tucson store and call me back.  Seven hours later I called Tucson and made an appointment for 11 Dec.  They work on the Baby to complete it’s initial problems and a few others.  Today Carol opened the door to the 20 cu ft frig and the door lock broke off.  It opens/closes a lot better now.  We have a strip of Velcro for the handles going down the road.

We went to the our bank here in Livingston.  Yep they still have money but would only give us a very small share.

Went to the local NAPA store and ordered 2 more 12 volt AGM batteries.  The Baby comes with 6 of their brand batteries.  I now will have eight 12 volt AGM batteries.  The two batteries were $605 out the door.  Ouch………… I got room for two more but I don’t think so at that price.  I expect them to last 5-7 years with ease.   I’ve heard how these residential frigs eat the amps up.  So far I can’t tell how much.  It don’t appear to be much just guessing.  With this coach having all LED lights really makes the difference.  Also, these LED TV’s are remarkable.  Having two on along with a bunch of lights on my amp meter says between 1 and 2 amps are being used.  That’s outstanding.  I guess the amps don’t have to travel as far in these little baby RVs……..

Popeye's had their crawfish specials.  Oh yea….

I’m starting to hate mail.  Use to I wanted to go thru it all and it was kinda nice and interesting.  Now, it’s friggin work due to medical stuff, bills and companies wanting to sell us something. 

Carol & I both worked loading and reorganizing the Baby.  The cubby holes are almost full.  I put things in that are considered nice to have but aren’t really needed.  These include a 2000 watt Honda and it’s 6 gallon fuel tank, a 20 lb LP tank, a LP fire ring, a large LP inside heater, two ladders besides the attachment that goes on the rear ladder of the rig.  It can only be attached when in use and not going down the road.  Poor design.  That means it goes in a storage bin.  We want to really load it up because we will be getting weighed in a week from Sunday.  The Baby can carry 4,300 lbs and that’s a lot.  We could carry 10K in the Beast but only carried 2,500 lbs.  We try to buy light and quality if at all possible.  Sometimes that is just not possible like the generator.  We have found that paying extra for the quality stuff pays in the long run.  Running down the road just beats stuff up so bad.  Then like outside chairs just don’t last so we don’t spend a lot of money on them.  Usually about $35.  We don’t like bag chairs at all.

Tomorrow WE will try to wash the Baby.  It needs it real bad from all the road rain.  Plus the Direct TV guy is coming out between 8-12 noon to install a HD sat on Mom’s mobile and give us a HD DVR.  I got Direct TV to turn on our HD receiver in the RV finally. 

We finished the day off watching some movie that I don’t really remember right now.  I remember it had nudity both men and women.  That was interesting.  We get free Direct TV movies for 3 months. 

So, that was our normal day for now.  More reorganizing tomorrow.

See ya….