Friday, November 29, 2013

Get Your Motors Running – Almost

Ok, we got a lot accomplished today.  Too much to bore you with.  The mobile is in hibernation, the Mariner is in the barn hibernating, the lot itself has been cut and sprayed, the Baby is full of water and empty tanks.  AND only one bo bo DSC_0001 I got these real strong magnets that are for the Magna Shield which is an outside windshield shade.  I needed to get the fire retardant material on our Tow Defender rock shield.  Sewing didn’t work so I figured use these super strong magnets.DSC_0005  Every time I mess with these magnets I get bit and boy does it hurt.  This time it took a bite of skin on my best finger.  I did get the shield on finally.  You can see that the Tow Defender material had melted from the exhaust pipe.  I moved the Tow Defender back with a 12'” tow bar extension and now with the heat shield I should be good to go.  It isn’t no where as close as it looks.DSC_0003 

Tomorrow (Sat) we will be headed north (Plan B).  Then Monday we make a left heading West near Dallas with a few stops to include friends and repair shops of course.  Not enough stops with friends and too many for warranty repair catch ups.  Welcome to full timing with a new rig – the Baby.

Happy, Happy, Happy…

See ya